Radical Peace

How would it feel to be an island of peace in a sea of struggle, stress and tension? 

Imagine if you knew that your contribution mattered. You know the workplace is chaotic and negative and to some, even oppressive but, no matter.  You bring a deep-seated peace effort to move the needle each day. 

Imagine ending your day feeling fulfilled. You led your team’s contribution to innovative work, moved the needle and lived your principles and values.


If you are like most, you have noticed increased competition, edgy, short-fused and combative team members and tension so thick you can cut it with a knife.  But good leaders and a better manager knows too that with the right approach, the workplace is filled with opportunities to make a difference

Progress Toward a Better Manager!

At some point you suddenly realize all the horizontal training in the world won’t compensate for the need to go deeper….the need to go below the surface and build character, inner strength that outer strengths like skill, process or technique cannot provide.

better manager


You know what Peace is but Radical Peace?


  • Proceeding directly form the root. Growth from the base, principles, fundamental.
  • Very different from the usual or traditional, favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits conditions or institutions.

Radical Peace flows out from the depths of your Character, your Soul. You know different and you respond according to laws, principles and values, not situations and people. 


What You Can Expect–Discover The Better Manager Within

  • Lay the foundation to bring all your skills and wisdom to the forefront…Perform better in real time.  
  • Self-Mastery…Build self-mastery that will deepen over time.  
  • Develop new habits…composure, skill and the best that is within you will not come automatically. We help you rebuild and transform. 
  • We guarantee that you will see & feel improvement. Our most successful clients report feeling significantly better, less anxious and more confident in their ‘management skin.’

Begin your better manager journey right now…let us help you develop a new toolset, skill set, and, a new mindset


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Briefly About Us

Since 2009, Brian Braudis has worked with leaders, managers and supervisors–helping to build a deeper knowing and understanding. We help exploit what you already know. You become peaceful, less anxious, more decisive and more productive.

We go beyond models, flow charts and traditional training to uncover latent talent and deeper insights into the art and craft of management in the 21st century.

Brian gained his deep and wide, 20+ years experience as a manager working in the trades, corporate America, law enforcement, non-profit and government.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in biology and an M.S. in Organizational Leadership and is a certified coach. Brian has worked with, learned and absorbed from some of the best in the management field. He has also served as adjunct faculty teaching graduate courses on leadership and change.

Please browse this website for detailed information on how we help leaders, managers and supervisors uncover and access latent talent, become more effective, more productive and bring about more profitable outcomes.

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