Are you ready to increase employee engagement and enjoy managing again?

We work with high-potential leaders and managers who want to make a difference but end up frustrated, overwhelmed and on the road to burnout.

If you are like most, you probably have noticed that leading and managing is not as easy, clear or explicit as it once was. Today, management is more complex, more difficult uncertain and ambiguous. Add to that, increased competition along with edgy and combative team members, today, the manager’s job is unpredictable and fraught with challenges. But good leaders and managers know too that it is also filled with opportunities to make a difference.

You’ve tried to make a difference but the more complex, difficult and ambiguous locomotive seems to have more steam than you do.

To bring about real change and get on the improvement track, first recognize that trying and stumbling is better than any training workshop. Discovering things for yourself is powerful learning in itself.

Now you are ready to begin to show yourself and your team what it means to make each day productive, to use each day to build long-term momentum. This isn’t about brilliance. It’s about common sense, a disciplined approach and investing at the level of cause—addressing the root of modern-day challenges.

Briefly What You Can Expect

  • We combine traditional methodology like emotional intelligence with deeply human, cutting edge approaches; we instill improvement.
  • We don’t just train; we transfer skills, behaviors, beliefs and approaches to benefit leaders and managers professionally and personally.
  • We improve management practices that increase profit and reduce loss from absenteeism and excessive turnover….. We guarantee that you will see improvement.
  • Our most successful clients reported a 20% increase in employee engagement and feeling 50% better and more confident in their “management skin.”

To begin right now, on your own download our new free report: 4 Rules to Improve Your Management: Right Now! 

Briefly About Us

Since 2009, Brian Braudis has worked closely with leaders, managers and supervisors–beyond models, flow charts and traditional training to uncover latent talent and deeper insights into the art and craft of management in the 21st century.

Brian gained his deep and wide, 25 years+ experience as a manager and senior manager working in the trades, corporate America, law enforcement, non-profit and government.

He holds an M.S. in Organizational Leadership and is a certified coach. Brian has worked with, learned and absorbed from some of the best in the management field. He has also served as adjunct faculty teaching graduate courses on leadership and change.

Please browse this website for detailed information on how we help leaders, managers and supervisors uncover and access latent talent, become highly skilled, more effective, more productive and bring about more profitable outcomes.

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