360 Fitness #2 The Beginning

360 Fitness #2 The Beginning360 Fitness #2 The Beginning

This is a continuation….360 Fitness #2 The Beginning. It was intimidating to start a fitness program.

The articles, magazines and books I explored to get started were accompanied with photos of elite-looking athletes. Their physique, their regimen and even their clothes communicated “exclusivity.” I felt as though they were saying, “you don’t belong here.” I couldn’t run a mile let alone do intervals or “fartleks.”

We see the photos, read what their routine entails and we think, “I can’t possibly be involved with this, that’s not me!” Reminder to self….this is 360 Fitness #2 The Beginning!!

So I began. I went back to ground level, re-evaluated my thinking and asked, why I was engaging in a fitness effort?

I adjusted my thinking.  The photos, programs and stories were inspiration, nothing more.

They are to be used for their worth—to help me create my success. My experience will be different!

The time had come to stop researching, stop perseverating, stop vacillating and choose action–pick three things to focus on and start!

The three areas I wanted to grow were stamina/wind, strength and flexibility. I started running out of sight on back roads and out of the way places like service roads in county parks, off-and-on running and walking repeatedly for 45 minutes per workout.

You can’t hide from being out of shape.

I couldn’t hide my lack of wind, lack of stamina and lack of strength as easily in the gym. This is where you just owned up to lack of experience and exposure in the fitness world and do what is necessary.

I went to the gym.

Later on I learned that this is Master-ability. The ability within you to be unskilled, to be a beginner–to allow yourself to play sloppily as part of your growth. I call this master-ability, the ability and adapability to become a master.

At this stage my program was: I ran/walked for 45 minutes three times a week and worked out with free weights in the gym three times a week. Six days per week which often included the seventh day since I was single at the time with an open calendar.  I stretched after every workout.

My strength, stamina and wind improved quickly and I began running 5K, 10K and even 10-mile races. I learned (through reading) how to diagnose my running gait by analyzing shoe wear and studied how to buy the best shoes for my needs. I didn’t quite look like the people in the fitness magazines but I was happy. And…my self-esteem and confidence was climbing.

This “success with self” gave me a self-assurance that I had not planned on or tried to pursue from the beginning. I learned from myself and my action that self-worth and confidence grows out of keeping promises to yourself. Even to this current day, I miss few workouts.

Do the work, focus on the effort, success comes of its own accord

Rather abruptly, a shift occurred. I began to think—what else could happen that I don’t know about? I asked the all-important question of myself. What is possible here?

It was at this point where I began to realize what was happening. My physical development was enhancing and accelerating my overall personal development. This was the beginning of my Mastery journey!

I wasn’t just able to run faster and farther and lift more; I could read for longer stretches, concentrate and focus better and I was able to write deeper and for longer periods. My sleep had improved and my overall energy had spiked. As a leader I became more collaborative, I had more patience, I was calmer, more composed and more relaxed adopting a longer view……ahhhhhhhh. I was in the beginnings of possessing myself!

The results of 360 Fitness #2 The Beginning:

The underlying source of my growth was continually energized by my thinking. I was obviously doing what others would not and could not do.

If you stay focused and inspired a growth mentality that energized will become available.

Use your workouts to think heavily about where you want to be. 

This is the focused approach that I write about and talk about on my  blog and my podcast

My first post is here. Next I’ll write about how this effort has evolved…Stay tuned…..#3 is here.


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