360 Fitness #3 The Work

FitnessHere’s the Wisdom Reaped From Experience

This is 360 Fitness #3 The Work…… Your own personal action will teach you all you need to know. A strategy for growth, fitness and innovation is not enough. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. You could have the best strategy for a morning workout but if you stay out until 3:00 AM that strategy will be swallowed up by your late-night culture.

I was working on developing a culture of personal development and personal change. It was difficult, probably the hardest of hard work—personal self discipline. As you probably have surmised, I wanted the change to stick. I didn’t want to seesaw back and forth in and out of change or, be stuck in transition—wanting change but never quite getting there. What a nightmare!

I worked tirelessly as my own coach and my own philosopher to distill my beliefs, my values–what I knew for sure, into 5 key tenets for creating a personal culture.

The 5 key tenets for creating a personal culture

  • The dimensions of Human Nature—physical, mental, spiritual and social, to be expressed well must be developed.
  • The body is an equal learning machine to the mind and the soul (360).
  • Self education is the best BUT the best self-education is not gained. It is absorbed.
  • Through development you increase your value and ultimately your contribution increases.
  • Wisdom comes from discovering things for yourself.

I learned that staying focused, inspired, and in growth mode energized my efforts more than anything else. 

From this perspective I was in touch with the greatest teacher. Experience! Taking action, creating experience in the context of my 360 Fitness concept was creating the change I sought. The self-education and change wouldn’t just stick. It would be absorbed at the cellular level, cultivating foundational change.

Formal Education Will Get You a Job. Self-Education Will Liberate You!

At this stage my workouts were as I described in the second post. As I gained knowledge and experience and started a family my workouts evolved into more intense, shorter-timed activities. I shifted from a weight-lifter/runner to a soccer-type regimen. Again, this is the work! Always evolving, tweaking, adapting to new levels and new situations/circumstances.

Fitness Intervals

Sprints combined with jogging: heart rate up to 80-90% max for 30-60 seconds then back down and repeat 10+ times per running workout.

Sinewy strength without the bulk: single-set strength training sessions (10-15 reps) targeting various muscle groups, avoiding the “pump-up.” I use gymnast rings for shoulder work and core strengthening.

As my knowledge and experience grew, my workouts have become simpler. Isn’t it interesting; the more we know the less we need.

I believe I’m in better condition that ever before. Exercise has become a self-fulfilling compulsion. My workout techniques evolved and so did my thinking. My greatest competency became my new way of thinking.

I now synergize my habits of thought, reading, coaching client work and thought leadership activities with my workouts. Like a sponge in water, I use my 360 Fitness environment to surround myself in energetic growth and renewal. Self-education and workouts have become part of my everyday. Not just getting by or surviving but THRIVING! Not just an occasional view but everyday effort.

I believe my 360 Fitness concept will work for you, anyone in any situation and at any fitness level. It doesn’t have to be intense. Deliberate, slow, on purpose and incremental will beat “up like a rocket” any day. As I share in my Start With YOU Podcast, small daily investments create more results than hour long once a week work.

To create change and express the four dimensions of our Nature well; we must begin and stay on the path, long-term. 360 Fitness is an environment of both support and effort we create to help us stay with it until such time that our journey has developed into a culture with the momentum to effortlessly carry us. That is my definition of Personal Mastery.

As Charles C. Noble said, “First we make our habits, then our habits make us.”

The most valuable habit you can develop is the habit of controlling your thoughts. Adapting new thinking to old, outdated and ill-fitting thinking that does not serve you well. ….Because, what you think about you become!  


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    I consistently spent a half an hour to read this
    website’s posts everyday along with a mug of coffee.

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    I could not resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  • Brian says:

    Remember……I believe my 360 Fitness concept will work for you.It doesn’t have to be intense. Deliberate, slow, on purpose and incremental will beat “up like a rocket” any day.

  • Brian says:

    You too can build the habits that take you to the top. We make habits then the habits make us. Just do it!

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