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360 FitnessA Concept For Unparalleled Growth: 360 Fitness #1 of a Series

The prescription that ensures continuous improvement is continuous investment in a 360 Fitness program. There is no need to ask, “Am I growing?” You can count on growing and improving if you are investing.

How to invest is another matter. I can share with you what worked for me but bear in mind no one can tell you just how to live, grow and improve. Part of the journey and the joy is discovering and learning from your own experiences. The best teacher is still experience.

Who knows better than you?

The Greek aphorism, “Know Yourself” written on the temple of Apollo perhaps now needs to be written even larger. You must know yourself to live the life specific to you, the one and only life that is yours and yours alone. Know yourself, that you may perfect your mind, body and spirit and optimize your human performance.

With varying language philosophers throughout the ages have explained it differently but the premise is the same. The four dimensions of Human Nature—physical, mental, social and spiritual, if they are to be expressed well, must be developed.

360 Fitness is not an exercise program that you simply do.

Rather, it integrates and surrounds you and contributes to your growth, growth that comes from your own resources and your own experiences, your growth, your resources and most importantly, your thinking.

The energy, motivation and mindset for a transformational, purposeful life is cultivated at many levels. Growing, changing and innovating—whether it is toward creating a start-up, your own business or a promotion to CEO–requires a fertile substrate, focus and solid commitment.

Transforming your life from what you are to what you want to become takes more than just mechanical, rote action; you have to go deeper. A phenomenal fitness level does not automatically ensure right thinking and a finely-tuned mind.

To that end I maintain a constant state of innovation both professionally and personally. The challenges I encounter stack up like my grandfather’s National Geographic collection beginning with the first issue in 1888. Thus, the need for continual innovative thinking.

Invest in YOU

To stay positive and productive while moving beyond frustrations, disappointments, setbacks and “negaholics,” I created my own personal culture to thrive in. This is a concept that I call “360 Fitness.” It is an integrated growth and renewal strategy intended to support your optimal development physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.

I apply the 360 Fitness concept to integrate fitness through my body with my growth and personal and leadership development. To be a good leader, first be a good person.

The body reacts to the mind and the mind reacts to daily stresses—demands, tension, guilt and anger. 360 Fitness is 360 growth, it integrates to strengthen your foundation and renew your energies as you learn, move and evolve.

Combined with mental focus and stimulation such as reading, studying and challenging yourself through action; the entire process becomes synergistic….360 synergistic. Personal growth cannot help but surround you!

As I developed my cardiovascular system, I also developed my discipline. Working to become stronger, I developed my perseverance and resiliency.

I became my own fitness guru.

Early on as I toiled with running form, physical stamina and mental endurance, I developed my ability to persist until breakthrough.

Please know for your own experience, this takes time and commitment!

The dawn is known to be the most creative time of day so I used the solitude of the early mornings purposefully, like a tool.  Therefore, I was sure to stimulate maximum synergy.

As I worked out I reflected on what I was reading, what I was writing, my experiences, how I responded and the results I created. I examined what I was thinking about.

I used exercise to aligned my day-to-day thinking with where I was going. This is fundamental–it is the competency that separates the average from the champion.

I thought about what was next. When you lead each day with this focus, connection and reflection the growth is revolutionary and ultimately evolutionary.

Did you catch that? Don’t react to life, lead your life!

This post shows my budding experience and design with the concept of Mastery.  I will be writing more on the process and evolution of my 360 Fitness concept, including the pursuit of Mastery. Stay tuned………….Post #2 is here


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