5 Roles of the Coach Leader

the Coach Leader
At the apex of leader contribution is the role of the Coach Leader. When top leadership begins coaching supervisors, managers and potential leaders they transcend typical training and open floodgates of potential. Theses leader know experience is still the best teacher. They also know that experience is enhanced by the value of a coach’s involvement in leadership development. A coach who gives GPS readings combined with support for the demands of leadership is, well, priceless.

The coaching CEO cultivates leadership with a two-pronged, higher-level approach where leadership development becomes the culture. Day-to-day function improves and leadership succession is ensured.

There are a multitude of areas a Coach Leader ads priceless input.

As an example here are 5 Roles of the Coach Leader:

The Communications Coach Leader:

Coaches everyone instilling productive communications that inform, motivate, empower and encourage. Gossip, colluding cynicism and negativity are engrained in the workplace as a norm. The Coach Leader inspires a higher view. They advise, educate and most importantly they model respect, tact, diplomacy, inclusion and acceptance of everyone’s point of view.

The Strength Coach:

Keeps the team strong by shifting conversations to the potential of what the team wants to become not where they currently are. A focus on what is possible rather than what is impossible helps team members use setbacks as a setup for improvement.

The Resiliency Coach Leader:

When team members become beaten down by tending to a never-ending barrage of fires the Coach Leader is a source of connection showing team members how their efforts translate to outcomes. Again, the CEO holds the higher view and helping team members see the bigger picture from the front line is affirming and encouraging.

The Perspective Coach:

Coach Leaders know and have prepared themselves for the increase in numbers and complexity of problems. These leaders understand that what’s important is not the number of problems but how we respond to them. They shift the perspective of team members to look at problems as enablers—opportunities to create new, improved solutions…together. This is how the Coach Leader raises the bar on innovation.

The Energy Coach:

The Energy Coach knows that they heavily influence the energy of team members. Elevated competition, complexity and uncertainty are only a few of the major energy drainers in the workplace. The coaching CEO knows that energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Organizations don’t energize leaders do.

Astute leaders know that coaching when initiated at the apex creates a “lattice of leadership” throughout the organization. That’s part of the higher-level strategy—building momentum and succession.


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