5 Take Aways From A Change/Vision Initiative

Change Case StudyI believe most people want to change. But as a change magnate, I often encounter a tension between a desire to change and the effort exerted to create that change. Below is one Change Case Study.

One client I coached through a doctorate in business administration (DBA) program had a unique perspective and experience worth discussing. Bob finished his coursework without too much trouble. I credit Bob for his perseverance knowing full well the “road map” of the program’s structure and built in milestones created the small successes that  kept him motivated.

Bob’s dissertation ride was not nearly as smooth as his coursework. Can you guess why? This portion of the program was less structured, had few milestones and any small successes had to be self-created. In fact, for the dissertation, the road map, if there was going to be one, had to be planned and developed by the student.

Bob talked with jubilant excitement about writing a book on the topic and research of his dissertation. But his energy would empty like the wind being sucked out of an untied balloon when we discussed the creation of a “dissertation plan.” In reality the bumpy completion of his DBA happened only with the arduous process of seeking multiple deadline extensions for his dissertation. There are several lessons we can learn from this Change Case Study.

Here are 5 things from a Change Case Study to pay attention to with your change initiatives 

1.  It’s difficult to hit a target you can’t see.  In some cases we must develop the parts we cannot see through imagination and creativity. This requires energy for the process of visioning and imagery with focus and diligence.

2. If you can’t imagine or vision yourself in the new desired future condition…. then who will?  The first person to convince is you.  That may require a catalyst. A coach can see what we can’t and a coach holds the focus of our vision and purpose at hand even when we forget.

3. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. If we want to achieve things never before accomplished, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted. This can feel uncomfortable but these awkward feeling situations are where the actual change comes from. Not from doing the same comfortable things, that’s called status quo.

4. Pressure and angst are not prerequisites to a change effort. Pressure makes fossils and you don’t want to be a fossil. If structure doesn’t exist take the time to create a plan or structure that will serve your efforts. The beauty is you create the plan you want.

5. The real power for change is within YOU! You are the instrument of change. You can change on the spot, in the short term, the long term and for the permanent good. Where do YOU want to begin?

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