8 Common Mistakes of Reinvention

Mistakes of Reinvention8 Common Mistakes of Reinvention: When the need for reinvention is thrust upon us, we get anxious and excited. At first we have some great ideas and powerful momentum. We try things, read, search the web and it feels good.  But we run into roadblocks and resistance, which are combined with struggles (things not going as planned) and uncertainty. Add to that the naysayers and soon we find the energy has been sucked out of our effort and we stop.

Here are 8 Common Mistakes of Reinvention and Some Ideas to Preserve Your Momentum

1. Panic, I’m ruined, it’s over, Okay…. Now exhale. This is a common limiting “past dictates the future” perspective.

REFRAME: your limiting past ends with the past. Don’t make this or any other Mistakes of Reinvention.

Shift—to a new pattern of a limitless future. You are not your past! Setbacks happen to all of us, even more so today. It’s natural to be upset but recognize the futility, energy drain of blame, fear and negativity. This is far from the optimal mindset necessary to create your destiny. Recognize your thoughts and the situation and rationally separate the two.

2. There is No Way Out, This is an outlook that will keep you in stuck mode. Ask: what can I learn? Is there another way to look at this? Trying something new like a new career step may not turn out to be the panacea but allowing yourself to experiment and take a risk may help lead you to something that will light you up!

3. It’s Too Hard, I am not going to claim reinvention is easy. But the 21st Century is the age of second acts. Starting over is the new norm. Welcome to the club! When Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, he didn’t stop because it was too hard. He reinvented himself and Pixar then he came back again to reinvent Apple into the most valuable company in the world. Jobs knew what was important—action. No panicking, complaining, blaming, finger pointing just pure power player resiliency. He never lost his vision for himself. He never lost his high standard of contribution. He never let his thoughts hold him back.

4. It’s Too Humiliating To Try Again, It is humbling to be in the situation of having to start at the bottom. When I went back to college and the 19-year olds were ahead of me and I was taking remedial courses, I had to remain focused on something other than my life situation. I focused on my vision, the light at the end of the tunnel, my limitless future. This mindset served me through college and allowed me to look beyond an entry-level position to start.

5. I’m Lost in This New Place, This “new place” is a crossroads area for you. The lost feeling is unfamiliarity. Your old life situation is like a huge, dark cloud blocking the warm sun and energy of your yet to be discovered new life situation. If you open up to what is possible this can be invigorating.

6. Friends Will Discourage Reinvention, Friends are great. They want you to be safe, so much so that they can also hold you back. When I reinvented as a police officer after being permanently laid off from my fleet manager job due to a corporate buy-out at the Xerox Corporation, my friends didn’t understand. They said, “But you’re a car guy working in a high rise?” My friends could not visualize me doing anything else. It’s a good thing I could. After being permanently furloughed from the police force due to down turns in the steel industry, I reinvented a couple more times. My friends got used to it.

7. It’s Easier to Stay Put, It is always easier to do nothing. “I’ll go to the gym after I lose weight.” It takes more effort to lose weight and go to the gym. But…..this path will cultivate success through daily personal victories that will lead to personal confidence, conviction and resiliency. Eventually daily victories develop into new habits, then professional victories such as a new career. You create an upward spiral of growth.

8. I Don’t Know Where To Begin, Just by reading this post on Mistakes of Reinvention you have started. Recognize your current situation and create a starting point. Research and get clarity on what you want to build for yourself. Look at where you are and where you want to go and begin working in the gap. Bank on yourself! There certainly are struggles in the reinvention process just as there are struggles in life. When faced with reinvention, often the options available are unappealing. Instead of taking what you can get, build what you want. Create your grand plan and execute! Allow the struggles to transform you! ☺


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