Mindset of Champions

Here we discuss Mindset as promised.

See my post, Why Your Success Effort Needs a Plan for more on….(Inner Focus, Frames, Assumptions, Mindset, and Perspective).

HERE is the key to success. As you will discover below mindset can help or hinder.

Our future is not set in stone. Our daily decisions—what we believe about ourselves, how we interpret situations, the systems we support, the actions we take, habits, traditions all contribute to and create our future.

The future is shaped by how you invest now.

  • If you invest in retirement you’ll have a better retirement.
  • If you exercise, you’ll avoid disease and illness that comes from a sedentary lifestyle.
  • If you invest and improve personally, your professional, leadership or business performance will improve and overall you’ll be happier.

First, Success With Self:

As I have mentioned, success is with Self first. To do what is necessary for breakthrough—that is to pursue and persist in the face of doubt, rejection, criticism, mistakes, failure and discomfort, you will need the right mindset. If you don’t believe success is yours to own it will elude you….

Start With YOU

Prepare Your Mind:

Mindsets are beliefs, stories, and ideas about your intelligence, your productivity and talents—who you are. Examine how you reflect on and interpret events. Your interpretation of events is essentially more important than the event itself.

Dichotomy of Mindsets:


Some people believe their intelligence; energy level and character are static. Their internal monologue is focused on judgment and the finite. I hear these interpretations repeatedly from clients and students…”I’m not good with people,..I’m a procrastinator, I can’t write, I’m a slow learner, I’m not as good as so-and-so. “This is what I’ve got, and that’s it! Success is out of my control because I am not a good at    “fill in the blank”       .

With a Static Mindset:

  • Olympic athletes are born not made
  • Leaders are born not made
  • Super successful business people are born not made
  • Greatness is born-in

Open Mindset:

Other people have an open mindset. They believe they have the ability to develop, evolve and grow their character and intelligence. Their internal monologue is different and goes something like, “Can I learn from this situation? How can I turn this mistake into learning? What can I integrate from this event to ensure I’ll improve and do better next time?” As they learn these people expand their sphere of what is possible.

With an Open Mindset:

  • You can learn to become an athlete
  • Through effort you can learn to become a leader
  • Greatness is more associated with hard work than innate talent

Success is Developed Over Time:

In a Fortune magazine article Warren Buffett said he was wired at birth to allocate capital. Research says greatness is not innate, but rather it is developed. People are not born with an innate gift for a certain job. It’s just not that simple.

Talent has little to do with greatness. EXCEPT….talent to persist, of course. Buffet is known for his disciplined approach to poring over finance reports of his potential investments.

Research does not support the idea that excelling is due to possessing innate gifts. We have the ability to develop ourselves into any number of things. You can even make yourself great. So what are you waiting for?


We grow, improve and increase performance, through hard work, practice and the right mindset.

Mindset Makes the Difference:

Your mental approach is vital to life, leadership efforts—anything you want to accomplish. Your view of yourself and the interpretation of the events of your life hold more significance than the event itself! Your views and interpretations shape your mindset and it is impossible to outperform your mindset.

The First Thing to Ask is:

Where does mindset originate? If your mindset originates from a place of realistic acknowledgement of your strengths and growth potential you will experience easy access to energy, creativity, increased productivity, better relationships, an orientation toward learning, growing, solutions and greater overall satisfaction. Your belief that powerful and bold success is possible will make it probable.

If you on the other hand, adopt a mindset that success is too much work and really is full of pitfalls, problems and struggles; this denial approach will drain your energy. You will not have access to energy or your creativity. You simply cannot outperform your mindset.

A Mindset of Champions:

Champion’s—those who improve for years and go on to greatness don’t just do a job or perform a task. They adopt a mindset of continual improvement.

For example let’s say you are attending a leadership workshop. Are you attending to get out of the office? Or do you attend with the mindset of explicitly trying to identify key points, integrating lessons, theories and creating practices toward getting better? Mindset makes the difference, same workshop, different mindset.

Champions aren’t worried about getting an “A” that’s short sighted. They have a burning desire to use every bit of energy and wring the learning out of every endeavor to become better and continually improve.

Continual improvement…. that sounds like success!


Next I’ll write about Perspective.


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