This is where you will learn about me, what this site is about and how I got started.

My goal with this site is to help you become a better manager—stronger, more resourceful and a more comfortable manager.

The articles and information on this site are especially geared to people who supervise, manage or accomplish work and make their contribution through others.

This includes managers, supervisors, volunteers and community leaders—all of life requires good management. Good managers need resources and support along with ideas on how to move forward. They also need encouragement and inspiration.  That’s what you’ll find here.

What ideas can you expect to read in my articles?

  1. In-depth, how-to articles about management, supervision and cutting edge ideas on how to lead as a manager. You will get tips, tools and ideas, encouragement and inspiration to apply toward your professional and personal life as a manager.
  2. What I write about is not just theory, speculation or topical techniques. I base my writing on what works, actual things I have applied and coached other managers to apply with great success. I write from the inside on the subject on management.
  3. I’m all about depth. I offer real solutions that address what the actual cause is. Many people treat the symptoms of problem. I am more interested in preventing problems through action. For example, don’t treat burn out, prevent it. Don’t manage anxiety, prevent it.
  4. I believe through our efforts and actions we can minimize modern-day problems, create well-being and triumph over all of life’s challenges. I’m also committed to helping others identify the latent personal resources within and mobilize those endowed strengths so we can all bring about our own triumphs.

A little about me….

From getting my first job in a steel town that collapsed when 25 miles of steel mills closed at once, nothing came easy. I was repeatedly “furloughed.” But there was a common appeal everywhere I went. Employers wanted improvement. They had everyone they needed with the basics. The threshold was met. They wanted more. I was young but I’ll never forget what I consistently heard, what can you give me that I don’t already have? This has instilled in me the need to go beyond the basic threshold.

By a stroke of luck, I was hired by Xerox corporation and trained as a manager. This was back in the Stone Age, you know, terminals and mainframes. As a manager, I had more enthusiasm than composure and more ambition than skill.

I wasn’t a very good manager at all. It’s hard to be good when you’re a beginner. But I knew other people had become great managers so I persisted. I found answers—25+ years worth and I applied them–you know, wash, rinse, repeat! I discovered for myself what really works.

I not only mastered the art of being a good manager, I’ve helped others do it too. We have created some real progress, some solid productivity and some great workplaces. There’s nothing like making your contribution in this world as a manager!

What does this mean for you?

It means there’s hope for you. I wasn’t a natural manager but I persisted. I discovered what worked. I learned what team members wanted and what they needed to be efficient, happy and successful.

You don’t need to be a natural either to be a success as a manager. You need to learn the fundamentals and develop from there.

My published articles and my blog are good resources for you to take your management beyond the basic threshold requirements.

What one client said

Brian, What you delivered today really encapsulates who you are to inspire and encourage others. For me personally, I can see that you are a bit different in that you are really about serving and helping others, what a wonderful gift God has given to you. E.R.

What one colleague said

Brian Braudis draws upon his extensive coaching and consulting experience to create a powerful approach for transforming your leadership. As Braudis proves, truly successful leadership creates profit and contributes to the greater social good at the same time.With this understanding not as a goal but as a new foundation, leaders applying the principles of High Impact Leadership will reap tremendous, widespread results! Marshall Goldsmith

Brian Braudis has over 25 years experience as a manager. He has an M.S. in Organizational Leadership and he is a certified coach. 




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