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Your MOJOYour MOJO is defined as any kind of influence, power or personal impact. It is something to strive toward—one of those attributes that once you work for it—and have it, the benefits never end; it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Your MOJO on the negative side can be damaging…..permanently. For example, at work when we experience a negative such as, “that’ll never work, it’s no use, I can’t”, that’s a flag, more like a flare. And these signals run the spectrum of whining (anger through a small opening) to out right rage. If you develop a reputation as a “nega-MOJO” everyone will stay away and you will distance yourself from promotions, meaty assignments and opportunity for increased contribution.

Here are four ways you can accelerate your MOJO and move beyond being the best in the world to being the best for the world.

Move: Create a shift, a new perspective of your self, for your self. Recognize when you are “down a few rungs on your ladder,” not your best—catch yourself and shift!  One way to identify and heighten this kind of self-awareness is to view it through others. When you encounter a grump the first thing in the morning at the coffee shop you have to wonder… “The day just started and where did this snarl come from?” A victim mentality is never productive and at the senior leadership level, it is unacceptable.

You know you are making progress when: you recognize (from the inside) the need for a shift in yourself and you become a model not a critic. Your MOJO is ignited!

Own: You own your actions, all of your actions. You accept and embrace the responsibility to act. Responsibility means being responsible for what you’re doing and not doing. You are responsible for self-enhancement.  Learning, improving and building character (your emotional intelligence), growth and change as well as your success.  You can take credit for the success you have earned through taking responsibility.

You know you are making progress when: you begin to create your own “weather” internally. No matter what turbulence goes on around you; you operate not from impulse—but from an internalized core of principles—your integrity becomes more important than the mood you’re in.

Join: Connect and unite yourself with your upward spiral—that place of flow where self-empowerment swells. This is the “sweet spot” of optimism, creativity, productivity, improved relationships and greater job satisfaction. You look toward what is possible not what is limiting. In a word you are bulletproof.

You know you are making progress when: Your input is from a place of abundance mentality and solution oriented not problem focused.

Objective: Being objective means your approach is unbiased by “reaction” and your “operating system” is defined as open-minded.  From this stance you exude confidence, personal power and understanding. People naturally feel relaxed around you because you embody an innovative and enabling response.

You know you are making progress when: You hear of a situation and your immediate (words and actions) response is one of patience. You view the situation from a place of opportunity and possibility.

Developing your MOJO makes personal and business sense. But it’s more than just practical. It is a promise to become the person you were meant to be. Engage and connect with your MOJO and create destiny.

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