Anger and Exploited Emotions

Anger and Exploited EmotionsAnger and Exploited Emotions have become a thing. 

If you follow ‘main street America’ closely, you may be setting yourself up into believing that we are in chaos. It’s the end, and they’re taking your America away! You have no options. It’s time for drastic action!!

Notice who’s at risk of over the top anger and exploited emotions and by whom

Exploited emotions have become a hot topic. In the 90s alone, some 25,000 social science studies were conducted and published. Researchers found that emotional exploitation is good for elections, ratings, and sales. 

Emotion exploitation is not good for you.

The disparity is not just in income. It’s the goal.

Recognize what all sides—MSNBC, Fox, New York Times, and everybody else have recognized. Anger is good for business. Watching anger on TV is entertaining. Getting involved with it and hearing your indignations given voice through a bombastic talking head is irresistible. Negative emotions desire and grow from more negativity, feed the wolf.

TV networks and newspapers are using the new scholarship on anger cleverly. They tap into our easily accessible emotional reservoirs—the low hanging fruit of our moral indignation. The real goal is having you tune in and feel more disparity. 

Staying tuned in is irresistible. You can’t look away. You’re angry all the time. No reconciliation. No catharsis. No plateau. No compromise. Just tune in for more, and there’s always more………………..

Notice how you get riled up, in a frenzy, and the real perpetrator is sitting back relaxed in luxury, pushing your buttons… 

The science behind Exploited Emotions

Unscrupulous corporations have researched the science behind anger and developed a for-profit social science formula. They want to get rich off of your emotions. They use the formula in debt collection programs to manipulate you into paying. Debt collectors were trained to fake anger and get people aroused. Then deliver catharsis, a sense of relief. These techniques were developed and tested to make you more apt to pay up. All the more reason to expand your mind, grow knowledge!

More evidence. It’s well-known that executives from other networks publicly rebuked Bill O’Reilly for making resentment the main event of his show, but they quickly imitated it.

This is serious. For the individual, angst, feeling like a victim, and weakness are all contributors to a purposeless existence—the place of vulnerability. 

Unscrupulous politicians take advantage of your anger and vulnerability, and exploited emotions is like giving more candy to a baby.  

The Way Out

I encourage you to expand your mind. The alternative is you are played like a bad piano. 

Elevate the priority of your development, write your own script. Nothing is more essential to a positive and productive existence.

I am asking a lot. I know that distractions are everywhere. But facing challenges head-on and finding solutions is what gives meaning to life. Challenges are the excitement of life. They bring latent talent to the surface and bring forth your courage. Working to improve gives us wisdom.

Just as in school, where problems are intentionally used as fuel for learning and developing, the toil of confronting and resolving problems—it is by expanding knowledge, that we fulfill the profoundly human need to learn and grow.

The most important knowledge is that which guides the way you lead your lifeLeo Tolstoy

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