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Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership

Human Leadership is what helps us to make an impact through the struggles, pain and beauty of everyday life.

  • It takes human leadership to downplay faults and shortcomings and encourage investment in personal development .
  • Human leaders are passionate without losing compassion.
  • Human leaders to acknowledge insecurities and fears and develop beyond them.
  • It takes human leadership to look someone in the eye and say you’re right, I’m wrong.

Being authentic is about being human; fearlessly discovering and developing the strength to consistently be the best version of you in service to others.

This kind of development is pivotal, transformative and enduring. It comes from having the right perspective along with the openness to examine your frames, assumptions and mindset. Then you aim higher.

And when your humanness overrides your intentions and you make a mistake, you try again because this leadership is not about squeaky-clean perfection. 

Leadership is about being human, bringing more humanity–more human leadership to the context.

Your team wants what is deep and simple but too often they become stifled by the shallow and complex.

Shallow and Complex:                                                              Deep and Simple:

  • Balance sheets                                                                          Relationships
  • People are data                                                                        Eye contact, smile
  • MBA leadership                                                                       Compassion, Empathy
  • Conceptual leadership                                                            Personal Attention

To really make an impact today we need more Human Leadership and less management-control, direct, organize and plan are skeletonize concepts. What we need now is more human connectedness, relationships, compassion–eye contact, a smile and a handshake.

Human leadership, shows you’re real and your authentic leadership comes from your core not from some best selling book you read.   

Authentic Human leadership is about the beauty and struggle of everyday life. It’s about the leader in you that shines through while you overcome the struggles, pain, frustration and exhaustion of everyday.

This is the kind of leadership that creates an Impact!


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