Knowledge is Power

By pursuing increased knowledge you’ll be building a reserve to draw upon and keep you resilient. The right knowledge will liberate you. You will literally be smarter, stronger, resistant and resilient…wealthy in ways others just can’t understand. Negativity, limitations, demoralization and fear voluntarily inhabit our psyche. Knowledge, inspiration, ideas, enthusiasm, hope, faith and desire—all positives have to be sought after and injected. view article

Live The Boy Scout Values

Similar to all organizations the Boy Scouts aren’t perfect but being a work in progress redeems them. They actively cultivate and work toward the Boy Scout Law on a daily basis and over a time the small investments add up to create tremendous impact. Boy Scouts become…………………… view article

Why Managers Are Linchpins

There is no blueprint for managing an organization because management is not a static thing. It’s continually evolving and changing with the business climate and world landscape. That’s why managers are the linchpins for any organization. Managers must continually adapt to changes in the business landscape. Managers face a disarray of changes, even chaos…………………………………. view article

5 Strategies For New Managers

It’s hard to be a new manager and be good at it at the same time. The thing to keep top of mind is that being a new manager is manageable. Being selected to sit in the manager’s chair is exciting and at the same time scary. The reality is you are required to get results. You’re in a sort of “fishbowl.” Senior leadership is watching to see how you will perform and your team members are closely observing every move you make. They are looking for hints on what…………….. view article

5 Mistakes New Managers Should Avoid

Congratulations! You’ve become a new manager! Finally you have earned the promotion you’ve been dreaming of. Team members will now take you seriously.Before your head swells too much, there’s something you should know. Something that management books and workshops gloss over or ignore altogether, there’s something that may temper your romanticism with management. Management is hard! Managers are successful only if they get results and they get those results through…………………… view article