What is Presence?

Presence means your knowledge of Self, insight, awareness and understanding are the overriding energy you use to be, to interact and respond to situations. You don’t react based on conditioning. The manager with Presence would be able to pivot in real time, right in front of the difficult employee and…………………….. view article

People Before Profit

Most companies pursued profits at the expense of everything else. That was the prevailing thought in the past. It was believed that resources, things, people, were all replaceable and didn’t matter—nothing mattered as much as profit. It used to be that supply exceeded demand….Today, not all companies blindly pursue profit at the cost of everything else. For example……………………… view article

Don’t Be an Average Manager

The average manager thinks he/she needs to have the answers and be the smartest one in the room. The leader is not required to be the smartest one in the room. Leaders create the environment for success. The team recognizes this opportunity that you create and they seize it!…………………… view article

Coaching You Can Afford

You may have noticed that coaching is expensive. That’s because of the deeply personal, immersive effort put forth on behalf of the client’s growth. Coaching fees represent reasonable compensation for my contribution of value that results in your dramatic return on investment. So why would I offer a Pay What You Can or Pay What You Enjoy Program* option to clients?  view article

Your Deepest Most Effective Leadership

Your deepest most effective leadership is typically not a matter of training but rather a function of a quality that is covered up, nascent or inaccessible. However, accessing and operating from your deepest most effective leadership is not an enigma or some woo woo, incense-burning ritual. It is a smart, practical and pragmatic way to ensure unencumbered continual growth and expansion toward the best parts of YOU and consistent excellence. view article