Now is The Best Time to Reinvent Yourself

Typically when faced with unemployment some people will hide their head in the sand, never a good idea.  Some other people will work furiously until all hours of the night reading, searching Google for fixes to their situation. The problem is that more action for the sake of action is “spinning you wheels.” And if you’re running on empty already the actions and results you try to create from a place of emptiness will similarly be empty. Go  ahead reinvent now! Today the entire world is reinventing. In fact,……………………….. view article

Change & The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Belief in change is just like everything else. If you think you can change and if you think you can’t change, you’re right. Seeing is believing but if you don’t first believe, you may never see. Hundreds of research studies show that you no longer have to be shackled to your life by the environment you grew up in, or your genes or character……………………….. view article

New Year Resolutions Don’t Work

You probably know a Resolution won’t work for you. Well, give yourself a little credit here first. The energy toward a New Year resolution is simply misdirected.  We all want to improve and do better. No one tries to be second, right? Most of us take “there’s room for improvement” seriously. So…………………………………… view article

Leadership Reminders From Amazon

As I watched Jeff Bezos on 60 Minutes I was reminded of what I already knew and I gained a renewed appreciation for the priorities of business, leadership and life. Obviously Amazon is a company to watch, study and learn from. Here are key lessons and reminders from the 60 Minutes Interview. view article

Five Questions To Ask Before The Leadership Development Program

In the past year I have been asked the same question several times in various ways. “Where does leadership development get traction? Implementing a leadership development program without these fundamentals is like planting a farm field that wasn’t cultivated.  The opportunity for a bountiful harvest is lost in the weeds. There are no shortcuts. You always reap what you sow. view article