Stephen R. Covey Still Changing the World

I have a deep gratitude for Covey’s life and work. His book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, published in 1989, helped me change my life. For me The Seven Habits was my field guide to reinvention. I read The Seven Habits all the way through several times, as a way to……………………………….. view article

5 Beginner Strategies to Reinvention

Research and experience shows us that we learn by action, not by holding back. Begin right now with a small effort and initiate a “ripple affect.”  Stay with it and observe how keeping commitments builds a new confidence and over time you become more decisive and action-oriented. This building effect expands exponentially as you grow. It feeds your Beginner Reinvention. view article

8 Common Mistakes of Reinvention

8 Common Mistakes of Reinvention: When the need for reinvention is thrust upon us, we get anxious and excited. At first we have some great ideas and powerful momentum. We try things, read, search the web and it feels good.  But we run into roadblocks and resistance, which are combined with struggles (things not going as planned) and uncertainty. Add to that the naysayers and soon we find the energy has been sucked out of our effort and we stop. This place of stopping is full of unknowns…………………………… view article

A Question for You

Question: What are your biggest problems with change/reinvention, leading your life rather than reacting to life, creating your destiny? Let’s start a ………………………… view article

Your Creative Process

Self development is the ultimate creative process. After all, you are sculpting a new YOU from within. You know something about yourself; a latent talent, drive or energy is within you. You have always known on some level that your contribution is unique and yearning to become larger. Now the opportunity presents itself to forge your internal hidden talent, from abstract to something tangible; something to match your essence and unshakeable zest for life. This is your view article