Small Business—Large Contribution

From time-to-time I deliver programs and “hang out” with American Small Business leaders at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Small Business Development Center in Atlantic City (SBDC). This summer, the predicted hottest and slowest time of the year at SBDC—was hot and anything but slow. My time was well spent, receiving much more than I delivered. I feel as though I’ve been to the well. I gained a sense of……………………. view article

5 Take Aways From A Change/Vision Initiative

I believe most people want to change. But as a change magnate, I often encounter a tension between a desire to change and the effort exerted to create that change. Below is one Change Case Study. One client I coached through a doctorate in business administration (DBA) program had a unique perspective and experience worth discussing. Bob finished his coursework without too much trouble. I credit Bob for his perseverance knowing full well the “road map” of the program’s structure and but the dissertation was…………………… view article

Leadership is Hard Work

How hard is it to sit at a table in a comfy chair, pen in hand and agree on a budget plan for America? Which of these aforementioned tasks requires the most leadership? E-hem, I mean, which task shows the most leadership? view article

The Enemy?

It is often said that humans are creatures of habit. We pursue and find success, relax, create a groove and we get comfortable, sometimes very comfortable. When we get too comfortable, the groove becomes a rut. The rut of mediocre, average, good enough, this can lead to complacency……. view article

Get Your MOJO Moving

MOJO is defined as any kind of influence, power or personal impact. It is something to strive toward—one of those attributes that once you work for it—and have it, the benefits never end; it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Negative MOJO on the other hand can be damaging. For example, at work……………………….. view article