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The 10 Minute Leadership Habit Form

The Leadership Habit (personal growth) tool is a proven effective way to cultivate consistent composure, finesse and ultimately improved performance. Everyone has 10-minutes to spare. It’s more a matter of how you use that 10-minutes. I recommend you invest 10-minutes each work day visualizing, reflecting, analyzing and creating growth in areas that will prepare and strengthen you to aim higher and create high impact for your team and your organization.

The investment of just 10-minutes each day adds up to 50-minutes each week and over three hours of self-directed growth each month. The investment is minuscule but the results can be life changing. I hear this from team members when their leader commits to this effort.

It’s like pennies in a piggy bank. They don’t seem like much when you put them away each day but just like a 401k plan, the small investment of a 10-minute self-directed leadership growth plan pays off immensely over time.

Professional goals that are tied to a personal goal, a personal gain are more likely to lead to sustainable improvement. So make your 10-Minute practice a time to personally recharge, build well being, and contemplate what you have done well, what you need to do next–how you will adapt and adjust and how you will consistently improve not just at work but in your life–satisfaction, fulfillment and elevated contribution.

Download my Leadership Habit tool and ensure you are never far from your best thinking and your best results.

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10 Minute Leadership HabitLeadership Habit tool Example Calendar PDF

(Personal Growth Calendar)

The investment of 10-minutes each day adds up to 50-minutes each week and over three hours of self-directed growth each month. Click the link to see a Leadership Habit tool Example Calendar PDF.

This calendar is your road map example of what is possible for your 10-minute investment. It’s everything you need to coach yourself toward self-directed growth.

A disciplined approach is a pre-condition to mastery. The tools on this page will help you integrate your strengths and character and lead as a flexible. masterful leader…consistently!