Case Studies and Testimonials

On this page you will get an idea of the people we have worked with and the kinds of projects we have worked on and made a real difference.

The New Manager

Sue was brought in as a new manager and right from the start she was challenged. Even with the tension, she remained committed to being a good manager, one that did the right things. She wanted to make a difference. But the situation, the context created a strain that made it difficult for Sue to operate.

We were retained to help Sue. We were told; our front line manager needs help with day-to-day management.

When we began, we didn’t need a survey to show that team member engagement was a problem but we did one anyway as a baseline. We also did conversational 360° evaluations. Problems and noncompliance within the team wasn’t blatantly obvious. One had to look closely and observe the nuanced behavior to see the shades of resistance rather than direct defiance. Unhappiness, dissatisfaction and passive aggression was hidden behind a veneer of pleasantries.

We worked hands-on with Sue. We helped her describe what was going on and put it in context. She wasn’t to blame. Her being a new manager wasn’t to blame. Her frustration and overwhelm were the result of a difficult situation—a situation requiring a confident manager who is also direct and decisive. We helped Sue develop a new mindset, skill set and tool set to manage in the current climate—with the ultimate goal being to manage and influence in a direction toward an improved, and a more engaged team climate.

A post assessment showed team member engagement had increased 20%. Sue reports that it has gone up even more since and she now feels that she is making the difference she has always wanted to make.

The Hands-on CEO

A CEO came to us in a panic. He lost 12.5% of his employees in 2 months. That’s right, 4 of his 32 team members left in 60 days.

This CEO did some analysis himself and found that team members were disappointed and frustrated. They felt like they had ideas but managers wouldn’t listen. He diagnosed some of the issues and wanted us to put together a special program for his specific situation.

The CEO diagnosed his managers as being stuck in old ways of thinking. He believed they were micromanaging and more interested in rigidly defending their position than in exploring as a team, innovative ways to increase efficiency and productivity. He threw in the maxim, and as we all know people leave managers not companies.

We collaborated to create an extensive program that was part fundamental and part advanced to ultimately transform his managers to operating as 21st century managers.

Not all of the managers made the transition. So turn over continued for the short-term. But the commitment we agreed on was not to be deterred by a temporary inconvenience because we were pursuing permanent improvement.

The CEO hasn’t lost any employees in three years. Attrition went from 12.5% to 0 due to improved management practices. Cost savings and profitability increased in kind.

The Worried Doctor

Skip, a senior manager asked for coaching help with his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program completion. He had no trouble finishing the coursework but the dissertation has three hazard areas. You are left to your own devices, it is un-structured, nebulous and you have a tight timeframe. In other words, you make the plan here. There is no neat list of stepping stones, no syllabus.

Skip was uncomfortable. Left alone to complete the dissertation, he was worried and felt incapable of building the plan and making it happen. The big things were missing; decisive direction, focus, structure and resolve.

Skip and I collaborated on a plan. We created a dissertation plan with milestones, dates, and a way to recognize and celebrate small wins.

In addition, we agreed on a spirit of how we would implement. The spirit was based on Skip’s values, his “operating system.” This is often overlooked but it is the most important and powerful part.

Skip was successful and went on to get not only his DBA but within a year, he was promoted to COO. Most of all, Skip created just what he wanted to create. He was fulfilled and happy. He moved to the next couple of levels with minimal anxiety, no stress, no pressure or angst. When he looks back, it’s all good!

These are comments from clients we have worked with.

A gift for connecting with people

Brian, First let me mention both your knowledge and your passion as a coach as two things that stood out in your presentation to my Aflac sales team. You have a gift for connecting with people. Your message was well received and I am sure it will make a difference in my organization. Please feel free to use me as a reference; it would please me to know that I can help you by helping others get to know you and what you deliver.

Thanks Coach!

With Warmest Regards,

Lorenzo V. Cutaia, Aflac Regional Sales Coordinator, Aflac New Jersey

Our attendees raved

Thank you for your presentation for our Small Business Development Center seminar. Our attendees, emerging entrepreneurs to those in business for several years, raved about the excellent presentation, information, education, tools, strategy and motivation you provided. Looking forward to working with you more.

Carol Waties, Director Small Business Development Center (at Stockton College), Atlantic City, NJ

Exceeded Expectations

Brian thanks again for your program. As usual, you exceeded expectations. The lessons you instilled from your Daily Management Improvement Program, made our team better by at least 50%.

S. P.

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