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Pope Francis Elevates Fiat Brand Equity

When John Montgomery saw Pope Francis pull up to meet President Obama in a Fiat he was ecstatic. Montgomery is the president of Fiat Club America, a 1,500-member international club of Fiat brand cheerleaders. Pope Francis choosing Fiat as his official ground transportation…………… view article

How Auto Industry Executives Betray the Role of Leadership

Every executive knows that a basic tenet of leadership is integrity. There are no shortcuts, quick fixes or microwave solutions. You simply have to continually make the honest effort in order to deliver sustained results. Slow and steady wins. You can’t cheat. Even by looking the other way you Betray the Role of Leadership by omission………………………… view article

Manufacturing High Performance

Ensuring people who want to work have the opportunity for training and skill upgrade is a start but the overarching objective for the auto industry must be larger than just hiring workers. This is a white-hot opportunity to start Manufacturing High Performance and engineering a high-performance culture—executives delivering on the promise of mission, managers creating a climate of innovation and front line workers………………………… view article

5 Leadership Traps and How To Avoid Them

We all tend to drift off course. Even more so for leaders who put out fires all day, everyday; that draws them away from being their best. Sometimes the calm is so short lived that returning to their best becomes a mythical wish. These leaders eventually risk getting caught in traps. They lose………. view article

5 Ways Leaders Create a Climate of Innovation

If there was ever a time for leaders to lead it is now. Now is the time to create the future. Leaders are leading in a time like no other. Globalization, increased interdependence and competition have reached unprecedented heights. Add to this the pressure to innovate—”if you’re not innovating, you’re probably falling behind.” view article