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Maximize Improvement

eople want to maximize improvement. Even though we have an abundance of material wealth and a free democratic society, most people remain unhappy and they pursue improvement. Ultimately, they become even more dissatisfied, frustrated and unhappy when books, retreats, Yoga and pursuing a “better self” doesn’t provide the results that were initially overpromised. While you are trying to pull yourself forward, there is an unspecified weight holding you back. This weight is sometimes called………………………… view article

What Am I Good At

When asking, What Am I Good At, many people rely on others to tell them what they are good at. This approach is flawed. Just as any other “tool” outside of you that is designed to help you discover your strengths. Almost everyone I have ever had a coaching conversation with has read the book……………………….. view article

Increase Your Value By 50%: Invest in Public Speaking

Value in the workplace is dependent on your speaking ability. Verbal communication is the sine qua non or key ingredient of workplace success. Leaders, managers and team members who concisely articulate their point or explain a process, position themselves as educated, top notch. It is a real skill to be able to deliver a message and not talk in circles. Speaking direct……. view article

What If The Key to Success is YOU?

Coaches, consultants–those in the healing profession pursue reinvigoration with a passion. These professionals learn for the sake of learning, growing and evolving. They know the key to success is YOU and they live by two fundamentals: 1 In today’s climate, if you’re not growing you’re falling behind. 2 Reflection, renewal and entrepreneurial reinvention require……………….. view article

6 Steps To Fast Forward Coaching

Leaders who use coaching skills are known to be more effective overall. They unleash potential, improve morale and increase engagement—as high as 40 percent. Coaching also fosters increased independence in your associates, freeing you up to spend more time… view article