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Maximize Improvement

eople want to maximize improvement. Even though we have an abundance of material wealth and a free democratic society, most people remain unhappy and they pursue improvement. Ultimately, they become even more dissatisfied, frustrated and unhappy when books, retreats, Yoga and pursuing a “better self” doesn’t provide the results that were initially overpromised. While you are trying to pull yourself forward, there is an unspecified weight holding you back. This weight is sometimes called………………………… view article

What Am I Good At

When asking, What Am I Good At, many people rely on others to tell them what they are good at. This approach is flawed. Just as any other “tool” outside of you that is designed to help you discover your strengths. Almost everyone I have ever had a coaching conversation with has read the book……………………….. view article

Coaching You Can Afford

You may have noticed that coaching is expensive. That’s because of the deeply personal, immersive effort put forth on behalf of the client’s growth. Coaching fees represent reasonable compensation for my contribution of value that results in your dramatic return on investment. So why would I offer a Pay What You Can or Pay What You Enjoy Program* option to clients?  view article

Hacks for Leaders and Achievers

Not just tricks or shortcut methods that increase productivity and efficiency. They can be key solutions to difficult to understand areas that have no book, manual or operating instructions. Hacks can proactively prepare you for challenges and help diminish stressors before they happen. Hacks can help you soften the devastation of a setback or an obstacle….and help you come back! view article

How Business Leaders Coach Themselves

Mental and emotional energy is directly linked to a leader’s growth, success and achievement. Every action first appears as a thought. The wake of productivity and impact you create as a leader is derived from your thinking. You can remarkably improve your performance as a leader with just a small………………. view article