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There is No Need to Panic: You Are in Charge

The panic surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic was 100% avoidable. I’m am not here to judge or criticize. If we are paying attention, there are no mistakes, only lessons; reminders for all of us about how we invest and execute on a daily basis. Pause and reflect, and you will see patterns; in others and yourself. When things break down, what has been ignored rushes in. An avalanche is an example of a breakdown, the result of what has been accumulating out of sight over time. When we’ve been careless or inattentive, what we have neglected returns with a vengeance. Read more…………………….  view article

360 Fitness 1

The prescription that ensures continuous improvement is continuous investment. There is no need to ask, “Am I growing?” You can count on growing and improving if you are………………… view article

360 Fitness #2 The Beginning

In the beginning it was intimidating to start a fitness program. The articles, magazines and books I explored to get started were accompanied with photos of elite-looking athletes. Their physique, their regimen and even their clothes communicated “exclusivity.” I felt as though…………………… view article

360 Fitness #3 The Work

A strategy of growth, fitness and innovation is not enough. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Let your culture be the environment of both support and effort you create to help you stay with it until such time that your journey has developed into a culture with the momentum to effortlessly carry you. view article

Three Things: Moving Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Two friends, Sue and Jane moved out of their comfort zone and entered a weight loss journey vowing to each other that this time it would be different. They were doggedly determined to succeed. They would see to it that this time it works! They walked, exercised and shared recipes, meal plans and results. When their initial weight loss tapered they wanted to stay with it and take their success to the next level.They……………………….. view article