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4 Ways To Combat Lukewarm Leadership

Beware of Lukewarm Leadership. Have you noticed how people intuitively feel a leaders’ promise—how far they will go, how much they will invest? The recent election cycle is a classic example of lukewarm leadership. Most of the candidates appeared halfhearted about the number one, top executive, most important job in the world. It seemed as though they were hoping the perfect endorsement; the flawless circumstance would come to them. view article

How To Deliver Increased Impact

At the root of increased impact is different thinking. There is no getting around it. But it’ s not as easy as one may think. Being different will cause resistance, people may avoid you, ostracize you, revile you. Consider…………………… view article

How To Coach Yourself

What do you do when you need to Coach Yourself but you don’t know you need to coach yourself? You  hit a bump in the road, fall into a slump and have a nagging discomfort that this is all there is? You’re thinking, “This is hard” and asking, “Shouldn’t I be doing better? Shouldn’t I……………………….. view article

Do YOU Want to Create Impact?

To transcend the mediocre and deliver beyond the status quo is not an enigma. The greatest asset to help you is your mind. Throughout history there have always been “pockets of greatness,” those who dared to think different, read different and BE different—consequently, they have delivered Impact……. view article

Improvement Is Simple Right?

At the prompting of a friend, I attended a “Get Better” Leader Breakfast and Strategy session titled By Failing To Prepare You Are Preparing To Fail. You may know that title as a quote credited to Benjamin Franklin. The breakfast was promoted as a reflection of Franklin, the consummate self-improvement model. In reality however it view article