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How to Be an Influencer 

At a recent group-coaching workshop I mentioned the exciting potential available to Be an Influencer. This got the attention of several participants and they asked their questions one-on-one after everybody else left for lunch. How can I Be an Influencer if: I have to deal with a dictator boss? There is poor leadership………………………………. view article

5 Ways Leaders Create a Climate of Innovation

If there was ever a time for leaders to lead it is now. Now is the time to create the future. Leaders are leading in a time like no other. Globalization, increased interdependence and competition have reached unprecedented heights. Add to this the pressure to innovate—”if you’re not innovating, you’re probably falling behind.” view article

Changing Human Capital is What’s Next

Executives are leading in a time unlike any other. For the first time in history, there will be 5 generations in the workforce. The functional effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and yes, happiness of this 5-generational workforce, well that’s where that’s where you, the leader comes in….. view article

Secrets of a Better Future

All the predictions about globalization, knowledge-based organizations and the deluge of information and technology, along with the relaxing of traditional organizational structure have one message in common; we don’t know what tomorrow will be like. It doesn’t take a futurist to know… view article

Six Drivers of Innovation

We can’t just fix up the musty old paradigm. We have bled all we could out of TQM, Quality Circle, CQI, Six Sigma and Reengineering. Today leaders must do more than repair the old. The call today is for leaders to set the stage for what’s next, not what is. The new standard is innovation. Use the problems we face as a starting point for……………………………………….. view article