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Welcome Change

Don’t look now but the world is changing dramatically. In their September 2018 report the World Economic Forum says, “New categories of jobs will emerge, partly or wholly displacing others. The skill sets required in both old and new occupations will change in most industries and transform how and where people work.” In my view this is not news it’s inevitable and it’s welcomed. It reinforces the need to…………………… view article

Suggestions for Living With Purpose and Intention

If there was ever a time to summon the courage to live everyday purposefully and intentionally; in such a way that makes a difference, it is now. Don’t be concerned with any imposing, prodigious purpose. Boldly follow your intuition, your ambitions, and your……………………… view article

Question Assumptions

What are you assuming about yourself? Assumptions are knee-jerk, autopilot judgments we hold and follow, usually without questioning them. There are good assumptions and not so good. For example…………………. view article

Your Deepest Most Effective Leadership

Your deepest most effective leadership is typically not a matter of training but rather a function of a quality that is covered up, nascent or inaccessible. However, accessing and operating from your deepest most effective leadership is not an enigma or some woo woo, incense-burning ritual. It is a smart, practical and pragmatic way to ensure unencumbered continual growth and expansion toward the best parts of YOU and consistent excellence. view article

Father’s Day

This Father’s Day let’s remember to thank the men who show up, make the effort and serve. My father died suddenly when I was fifteen. But I have had several father figures unselfishly help me, guide me, mentor, support and just listen to me. They were there; they showed up, they cared enough to serve and contribute. Not for any reward or accolade. They were just men helping young men. It gives me rewarding memories. view article