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Leadership Development 101

I kick off a series of three articles on leadership development beginning with the most appropriate Leadership Development 101. In this context I am looking at the training/development mystery, specifically, The Leadership “Training” Dream.  Leadership Development 101 This is what you need to know to begin Leadership Development 101; before spending countless hours in the training view article

Self Leadership Case Study

Most people would agree that a central tenet of leadership is execution. Leaders rise and fall around how well they execute.  Execution has a lot to do with effectiveness not only in organizational leadership situations but also in life overall through self leadership. This is why I often associate a well-executed and effective life with view article

How To Build Self-Esteem And Confidence

Everyone wants and needs to have confidence and feel good about themselves and their abilities. It’s a genuine requirement for success. Uncertainty combined with low self-esteem can lead to complete immobilization in some cases. Self-esteem is how you fell about yourself. How positive……………………………………………………. view article

Create The Future Now

Our future is not set in stone. Our daily decisions—the systems we support, the actions we take, habits, traditions all contribute to and create our future. And..what’s the best way to predict the future? Doing the same things over and over is not going to create the future. Kodak tried that when they…………………….. view article

Leadership is Hard Work

How hard is it to sit at a table in a comfy chair, pen in hand and agree on a budget plan for America? Which of these aforementioned tasks requires the most leadership? E-hem, I mean, which task shows the most leadership? view article