Category: Personal Mastery

Coaching You Can Afford

You may have noticed that coaching is expensive. That’s because of the deeply personal, immersive effort put forth on behalf of the client’s growth. Coaching fees represent reasonable compensation for my contribution of value that results in your dramatic return on investment. So why would I offer a Pay What You Can or Pay What You Enjoy Program* option to clients?  view article

Your Deepest Most Effective Leadership

Your deepest most effective leadership is typically not a matter of training but rather a function of a quality that is covered up, nascent or inaccessible. However, accessing and operating from your deepest most effective leadership is not an enigma or some woo woo, incense-burning ritual. It is a smart, practical and pragmatic way to ensure unencumbered continual growth and expansion toward the best parts of YOU and consistent excellence. view article

Poor Leadership at Work

When your unbridled energy and enthusiasm to make a contribution and change the world is met with poor leadership at work it can seem like a cold, unwelcoming place, a dead end. It’s not. That is just one perspective. Unfortunately it is an all-too-common response to a pervasive problem. Encountering poor leadership at work, most people go into “there is nothing I can do” mode. They don’t view themselves as a leader and this is a grave error I see too often. They leave it to someone else to lead and they follow from a weak, subordinate position. This is is precisely……………………………………… view article

The Blind Spot That Leaders Miss

This blind spot hurts….the leader initially had one problem on his hands, now he has two…. at least! Brian; you talk a lot about negativity. Yes! That’s because negativity is so widespread and so readily accepted. It is something that holds us back without us knowing it is holding us back. Negativity is an especially insidious and troublesome blind spot that…………………………….. view article

Your Better Angels Come From Deep and Simple

What do you do when life wears you down? When frustrations, disappointments and subtle (or not so subtle) insults, #Mee Too, harassment and abuses over ride your best efforts? How do you access your better angels? Sometimes the brilliant way upward requires less brilliance than we think. What is deep, simple, essential and most helpful often gets covered up with complexity, information, concepts, and more data than we need. You can’t access your better angels through more data. view article