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Leadership For Earth Day

We must take responsibility for the entire planet. Even if we had nothing to do with creating it we must shift our thinking and take responsibility not so much for the problem or issue but responsibility for our actions to lead in……………………………………….. view article

5 Leadership Traps and How To Avoid Them

We all tend to drift off course. Even more so for leaders who put out fires all day, everyday; that draws them away from being their best. Sometimes the calm is so short lived that returning to their best becomes a mythical wish. These leaders eventually risk getting caught in traps. They lose………. view article

Leaders Create Well Being

When I talked with Dr. Martin Seligman he was explicit. “Well being should be a top personal goal. It should be a corporate goal and a National goal.” Leaders however have a special role to create well being…… view article

Is Technology Replacing or Displacing Workers?

An article in The Atlantic debated once again the affects of technology on the workforce. Is Technology Replacing or Displacing Workers: Technology cuts into tasks that were previously performed by humans. Thus humans have become victims of technological unemployment. Managers report that they have great difficulty hiring enough workers with the requisite skills to deal with the new technology. It’s instructive to remember…. view article