Change Essentials

Change EssentialsChange Essentials require attention because they are all around us. In fact it is the one constant that we can count on. But in most cases we do not seize opportunities to Change. We merely bounce around in response to the Change that is being thrust upon us. We react to life rather than create our life. 

Quitting is Easy

We want to change but after the initial enthusiasm turns into fear of the “new place,” we become distracted around the energy, obstacles and effort that is necessary for successful Change. This is a time and energy sink and we end up “spinning our wheels.”

Doing anything different or new will cause discomfort. Have you ever tried to learn how to drive a stick shift? It is so uncomfortable at first; you can’t have coffee or turn the radio on.  You are so focused on the pedals and the shifting; it takes all your energy just to do the work of the new effort. But, if you stay with the effort, deliberately practicing you will eventually reach a breakthrough. You begin to feel more comfortable and the new activity isn’t so new anymore. This is one of many Change Essentials to know.

How Change Efforts Work…Change Essentials

Ultimately you will master the new challenge and begin playing CDs or iPods and maybe even having coffee as you drive and shift. Then you’ll be ready for even bigger challenges.

This is how it works. From the time we learned to crawl, then walk, then run, then ride a bike, then drive. Change is all around. We do it all the time. We do it so much we don’t even think about it or take credit for how much we change. 

That’s why we get frustrated when we are not growing. We are designed by Nature to grow and evolve!

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