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 Change NowA New Year provides a natural opening of sorts for a new look, a fresh start. I will use this calendar event to begin the process of entertaining a Change Now.  As the year progresses we will go deeper into the thinking behind Change; what works, why it works, why change at all? Why do some stay with their efforts and others drop off? A plethora of topics and ideas await as we use this new year to go deep into Change and see what is there and what is possible.

In its simplest form Change Now effort is taking your life/business in a new direction based on your experiences. A deeper look reveals an opportunity for a bold reimagining, rethinking, recreating you, your business, your management team, and your leadership. This Change Now is a metamorphosis—caterpillars don’t become better caterpillars, they become beautiful butterflies!

For me, Change is a verb, an action that encompasses every level of the human potential spectrum. Action is most important. If we do nothing, nothing changes!

A sports team rebuild or corporate buy out creates a Change Now imperative—replacing key team members or the entire team?  But the superior challenge here, “the high road” if you will, is working with what you already have, what is in front of you now.

I hear from all the people I have coaching conversations with–they readily tell me what’s not working; the economy is slow, jobs are hard to find, managers are terrible. People are against me. My story, family, friends; so many things are stacked against me….

It’s time to decide. Are you going to let outward situations, people’s behavior, the economy, the weather— circumstances direct your experience, influence your destiny? OR will you use the power you have to create your life.

This is your ultimate opportunity for excitement and growth in any new year. You must work with what you have right in front of you right now. Don’t scorn what is, seize it!


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