Change & The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Prophecy 101:

Belief in change is just like everything else. If you think you can change and if you think you can’t change, you’re right.

What I know for sure is self-help = self-improvement!

As I have said before, seeing is believing but if you don’t first believe, you may never see. Hundreds of research studies show that you no longer have to be shackled to your life by the environment you grew up in, or your genes or character. My experience shows the same thing.


Change is possible:

You can become more attractive, smarter, stronger and healthier. You can reduce cholesterol, change body composition, and become a calmer being. You can lead your life. The people who don’t believe change is possible will remain obstinate, frozen and stuck, unchanged!

Health and fitness is not found in a doctor’s office and leadership is not contained in a book, those who choose to act on themselves become one with the solution, creating the antidote.

Everyone gets older:

We can also get better in the process. Are you wiser, improved and better off today than yesterday? Now is the time. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your dog—accept the challenge.

Make this the year your year of transformation.

Here are 6 strategies for a transformation

1.Transformation is not “instant on” allow for gradual illumination.

2.Sculpt, craft and design..lead the life you’ve always wanted.

3.Lighten up; this is not a test, but it is real!……….Enjoy!

4.Start small. A small rock dropped in a pond makes a wide ripple.

5.Don’t look for guarantees but rather build resiliency.

6.Money isn’t the only thing that appreciates. Appreciate all that is.

Carpe Diem! That will fulfill your prophecy.

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