Changing Human Capital is What’s Next

Human CapitalExecutives are leading in a time unlike any other. Human Capital is rapidly changing. For the first time in history, there are 5 generations in the workforce. The functional effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and yes, happiness of this 5-generational workforce, well that’s where you, the leader comes in.

Changing Human Capital (Diversity) is what’s next for the workforce. Leaders must leverage all they have to bring about more innovation and an improved future.

Here’s how maximize the energy of changing human capital

Connection With People (Human Capital)

Forget the category they are in and engage the person. Each generation has strengths. Top leadership will set the tone and model behavior during this time. Remember, followers will follow the leader.


Encourage discussion, debate and questions. Work together toward solutions modeling “none of us is as smart as all of us.” Listen to everyone. You have the ultimate say and everyone knows it but close listening from the top sends a powerful message.

Know Your Workforce

You’ll be steering a smooth sailing ship if you know not just generational preferences but each individual’s preference. This is important when it comes to communication preferences, incentives that matter and career planning. You ability to retain and attract talent is key ensuring a better future.


Leverage everyone’s experience and create diverse and productive teams. Social media savvy harnessed with the collective wisdom is a mixture for success. You’ll have to tryout mixed teams to see what individuals work best together. It’s paramount that you stay engaged and connected to these efforts to intervene and ensure success.

What you have demonstrated in number 1 (Connection With People) will also help set these experimental teams up for success.

The big secret is an engaged, high performance workforce is a competitive advantage that is hard for your competition to replicate. The ROI of your efforts is priceless.

Diversity is a resource not a problem. There is only one way to become better at understanding, connecting with and harnessing the resources of diversity.

You, the leader must be growing and innovating. If you’re not innovating you’re probably falling behind…. and then your human capital may be behind too.


Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt would talk to a coach.


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