Coaching You Can Afford

Coaching You Can Afford

Brian’s Coaching You Can Afford Program

What if you could get the value that coaching offers no matter what–Coaching You Can Afford?

You may have noticed that coaching is expensive. That’s because of the deeply personal, immersive effort put forth on behalf of the client’s growth. Coaching fees represent reasonable compensation for my contribution of value that results in your dramatic return on investment. So why would I offer a Coaching You Can Afford or Pay What You Enjoy Program* option to clients? 

Coaching is not only a service profession or an “ improvement ” profession it’s a healing profession based on elevated humanity. Humane relationships supersede profit.  And one of the things I want to model is a relationship where humanity comes first, a professional relationship that both client and coach enjoy.

So, what would you enjoy paying?  

Some people don’t want to discuss money and just prefer to pay my established fees.  Others, after searching their feelings have given me a bonus and this I greatly appreciate. 

Still others have felt discomfort as they thought about trying to determine what is the right number for them…a combination of what would he accept, and how can I avoid feeling guilty? 

How perfectly humane!

If you’re still thinking that you might like to pay what you can or what you would enjoy, I suggest you go deeper, check in with your heart. A different frame appears or you touch essence when you breathe and focus deeply on your heart area. 

Different thoughts and images will arise and those may be valuable.  It may also be useful to notice your feelings, what is coming up.  Are you smiling?

What would happen if you trusted that deeper response more than your thought process?

Does that mean I work for free?  I wish I could!  When you choose the Pay What You Enjoy / Coaching You Can Afford Program* I get to weigh in too.

What’s in it for me, the coach?  What do I enjoy in the Coaching You Can Afford Program?

I enjoy working with people who, in some way, are interested in self-improvement that ultimately empowers a better human experience, the creation of a better world, a world that is improved.

I enjoy working with people who come to coaching appointments with an eagerness to create something new and different—whether it’s a new start-up, a better life free of yesterday’s pain and suffering or finding purpose or reaching the next level, I enjoy deep and energetic conversations that engage me as a partner and ally.

I enjoy being able to engage in the creative process, learning together and succeeding together and taking an interest in the full range of human experience. 

I really enjoy working with clients who are willing to tell others about their experience of coaching, so that I can focus on the success of my current clients more than marketing for new ones. 

So, I am paid by a fee and your participation.  That’s what’s in it for me.  That’s what I enjoy. 

If we both choose a professional relationship that both client and coach enjoy, we’ll be grounding our relationship in humane honesty. 

* In order to keep a healthy balance I limit the number of Coaching You Can Afford spaces in my practice. 

But, if you are interested in other options, connect with Brian and get coaching videos, tools for growth, inspiration and support.  

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