Leadership CoachingThe only thing worse than developing and coaching your leaders and having them leave is not developing and coaching them and they stay.

Recent survey results say almost 70% of managers are scared to talk with their employees! 

Transition your high potential team members into leaders with the ability and agility to cultivate an improved future. Finally develop leaders who create a STRESS-FREE work climate. Cultivate leaders with skills in the 21st century, professional arena. Transform a dictate and command style with influence, persuasion and finesse.

Results are not limited to:

  • Self Assured & Self Reliant
  • Decisiveness
  • Open Mindedness
  • Adaptable and Flexible
  • Thinking and Acting Quickly
  • Inspiring Others
  • Culturally Aware and Sensitive
  • Creative and Resourceful

When high potential team members are integrated with High Potential Leadership Coaching latent talent comes to the surface. Cream always rises and in organizations the translation is: ambiguity becomes clarity, uncertainty becomes confidence and you develop instinct–you know what to do when you don’t know what to do.*


Senior Leadership Coaching 

Research has shown that managers reporting to executives skilled at coaching outperformed their peers by over 27%.

Performance coaching is deliberately result-focused—increasing performance at every level.

A coaching culture begets a leadership culture. When senior executives are equipped with a performance coaching mindset and skillset the future is less daunting, goals are far more attainable and greater levels of execution lead to greater results.

  • Accountability at every level
  • Align performance, execution, commitment and high-level contribution, with development, retention, recruitment and succession
  • Cultivate a Climate of Innovation
  • Enhance strategic and operational capability
  • See That Business Strategy is Leadership Strategy

With a culture of performance coaching you are much less likely to have only one team doing well and much more likely to replicate exceptional performance throughout the organization. Performance coaching also fosters effective delegation freeing you up to spend more time thinking big and accelerating your progress toward the future.*

In 2013 a Stanford University and Miles Group study showed two-thirds of CEOs are not receiving coaching from sources outside their companies, and 100 percent of participants wished they were.

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Leadership Coaching Packages 

Copper Program: is a 45 to 90 day immersion that will give you the “activation energy” to separate from the herd. Customized for your specific need, call Brian and conceptualize the growth you want to achieve.

Silver Program: is a 90-day+ Tsunami engagement that will flood you with new thinking, feedback and clear paths forward. It includes onsite visits, Brian on speed dial, Skype calls, audio programs, videos, books and support. Brian will personally help you become the leader you want to be using the strategies form his book and his signature program The 10-Minute Leadership Habit.™*

Gold Program: is a 6-month ascent designed to guide you up the organizational chart over the crevasses to triumph as the leader you’ve always known you could be. Challenges, obstacles, limiting beliefs are not problems, they’re opportunities for you to triumph! Several onsite visits, Brian on speed dial, Skype, books, audio programs, videos, the entire library of Brian’s work, of course personalized attention implementing and executing the strategies from his book and his signature program The 10-Minute Leadership Habit.™*

Platinum Program: Brian on retention, typical engagement request is one year.*

Leadership training comes and goes but personal mastery is forever!

Variables, add-ons and options are available. For groups (size limited) or individuals.

*Brian’s one-on-one coaching is money-back guaranteed.



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“The Best Decision I ever Made,” Eric Schmidt, Everyone Needs A Coach


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