The Complete Leader

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The Complete Leader

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The Complete Leader: How To Build a Leadership Platform™ That Will Get You to The Top and Keep You There is progressive, comprehensive and in-depth. It is not an off-the shelf package. This program is fluid and meticulously crafted to be harnessed to your unique contribution as a leader.

Leadership competency in specific areas is important but what is most important is how you use yourself to express these competencies. The Leadership Platform™ focuses deeply on three areas of growth and mastery: Interpersonal Savvy, Personal Empowerment and specific Leadership Competencies.

To get a quick visual of your Leadership Platform™… imagine yourself as an eloquent communicator, radiating with energy and enthusiasm. You are highly developed, knowledgeable and confident. People come to you because you are approachable and you signify contribution. No situation is beyond you. You are a self-contained leader and you have the ability to lead from any chair….in fact you don’t even need a chair. You lead form anywhere you are!

The proven model for leadership development is heavy on experiential development. That’s why this program contains three hours of recorded in-depth leadership development strategies loaded with case studies that have all the subtleties and nuances of leadership context. You harness the lessons from this program with your work experience, your leadership context.

This program includes:

  • This program is integrated with Self, Skill and Competency
  • Not a course but a resource for you to revisit, for renewal and leadership validation
  • Experiential, slow, methodical lessons and strategies
  • It’s systemic, foundational to higher level Executive
  • Workbook with 128 pages of assignments and coaching for deeper learning
  • Infinite tools to grow your leadership right now
  • 360 Assessment


  • Develop skills and personal strength to make the tough calls
  • Follow your own script, not someone else’s
  • Gain the knowledge of what to do, the personal power to execute the what to do and the professional polish to maximize your potential
  • Plan you own Leadership Development right now
  • Delegate more and free yourself up for creating strategy
  • Claim your space, transform your confidence and character