What Complete Leaders Do

What Complete Leaders Do


As leaders we can’t choose our crises. Rather, we must be prepared for anything because anything can happen and it usually does. Training won’t do. The prescription is “be prepared.”       

Leaders who are prepared are “complete.” They have well-rounded attributes through “360 development.”   They know what to do when everyone else is lost. They maintain perspective, keep to the high road, minimize stress…and all the while,create and maintain momentum.

Complete leaders are prepared to subvert the all too common communal thinking that leads to following what was done last year, which itself leads to ruts and the affliction of commanding and directing to get results. Ultimately mediocrity and status quo prevail. When crisis hits in these circumstances, usually no one is prepared. The complete leader must take the reins.  

Complete Leaders:

C  are the lead collaborator.

O Know that optimism is linked with success.

manage his/her thoughts, emotions & actions.

focus on what is possible.

L stay complete through continually learning.

E persist at expanding his/her thinking and belief system.

T are the quintessential team member.

E exemplify the consummate leader, always on.

Complete leaders are nimble. Their approach is flexible yet strong, kind yet tough, impartial yet empathetic.

Complete leaders are enigmatic…hard to describe but you know one when you see one.

Have YOU seen one in the mirror perhaps?

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