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FutureWhat will it take to get to the next stage? New thinking perhaps? Our future is not set in stone. Our daily decisions—the systems we support, the actions we take, habits, traditions all contribute to and create our future. And..what’s the best way to predict the future?

Doing the same things over and over is not going to create the future. Kodak tried that when they kept relying on film sales and ignored adoption of digital camera technology. Afterward they struggled to catch up. If you want different results, do something different!

You create the future beginning now!

  • If you invest in retirement you’ll have a better retirement.
  • If you exercise, you’ll avoid disease and illness that comes from a sedentary lifestyle.
  • If you improve your personal performance, your business will improve.

The best way to have a great future is to create it. Here are  ideas to help you begin creating the future now.


Some people believe their intelligence, energy level and character are static, “this is what I’ve got, and that’s it!” Other people have an open mindset. They believe they can develop, evolve and grow their character and intelligence. They believe as they grow so does what is possible. What you believe is possible will make it probable.

Strategies to shift mindset

Recognize your thoughts, become your own watcher, your own advocate and when negatives come flying in notice them. This is a powerful first step. If you can just make yourself aware of your thoughts, that is disruption enough… It takes practice & remembering but improves over time.


These are the kneejerk, autopilot responses to ideas and events. Like: The economy is holding me back! “You can’t make any money doing that.” Assumptions are the autopilot for “I can’t.” They limit the actions we take and the possibilities we explore.

Strategies to shift assumptions

  • Remember nothing revolutionary ever came from doing the status quo.
  • Great ideas come from disruptors who travel outside traditional lines.
  • How can you be a disrupter? Begin to disrupt yourself, push yourself out of comfort zones.

Working in these areas is enough to create a shift toward a great future…..I’ll see you in the “C” Suite.


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