Your Deepest Most Effective Leadership

deepest most effective leadershipYour deepest most effective leadership is typically not a matter of training but rather a function of a quality that is covered up, nascent, latent or inaccessible.

However, accessing and operating from your deepest most effective leadership is not an enigma or some woo woo, incense-burning ritual. It is a smart, practical and pragmatic way to ensure unencumbered continual growth and expansion toward the best parts of YOU and consistent excellence.

Your Deepest Most Effective Leadership Comes From the Depths Within, For Example:

Visualize a lake on a stormy day. On the surface of the lake weather conditions push the water every which way, creating waves and disturbance but deep down the lake is still, not affected, not subjected to outer conditions. It’s the same for us. Deep down inside (our inner world) us all is a still and changeless core. The outside world has no affect.

But on the surface, in our outer world, we are subjected to continuous stress, pressures, uncertainty, conflict and anxiety. It is only through operating from a depth of knowing, your deepest Self, that you are free from the conflicts, pressures and uncertainty that are readily accepted as “business as usual” by society and mass culture.

If you don’t actively pursue your deepest most effective Self you remain reactive. You are pushed and controlled by forces outside of you. You’re stuck reacting to the whims and the tides of life. You not only endure continual frustration, disappointment and suffering; your greatest risk is the fate that Oliver Wendell Holmes warned of—dying with your music still in you.

At the heart of acting out of insecurity, fear, anxiety, high stress, low energy, and learned helplessness—pervasive in mass culture by the way—is a lack of insight, awareness and understanding of the deepest most effective leadership you have been endowed with.

It’s probably not deliberate but most people overlook, downplay or they don’t recognize the life force they have been endowed. What they see and experience on the outside is presumed to be the final word.

Your Deepest Most Effective Leadership Comes From the Inside Out

The only way to develop the power to take a stronger stance is from the inside out. This kind of unwavering strength and resolve cannot come from outside; techniques or the top 10 things successful people do before breakfast.  There is no power or strength outside of you. There are only concepts, ideas and constructs. The only real strength is in you; you are the instrument.

Working from the inside you develop a solid knowing that flows out from your indestructible and changeless core that is your essence. Essence is your North Star. It is intimately and personally YOU. It is there even if you don’t know it is there, so unbelievably precious, it keeps you going, gives you strength and brings you back from the floor effortlessly.

Have you ever heard someone say, I’m 52 years old but I feel as though I’m 25? That’s it! That is your changeless core, your Essential Self, essence, your deepest Self. We can all feel this energy at our core. You at essence are a life force beyond anything you can imagine—untouched by events, drama or conditioning. You may feel uncertain, anxious or offended emotionally, but at essence you remain pure, unscathed.

Now use this energy to interact with the world. Develop an intimate relationship to that energy deep within you and watch your life never be dull again. Watch your purpose flow into everything you do. You will never be insecure; uncertainty and conflict will be on the outside only. Internally you will be calm, confident and still, always knowing what to do. You become the consummate leader.

The world will change as it continues to do and you will have boundless energy to accept and adapt.

To help you understand the deepest most effective leadership, the most powerful life force in the entire universe that exists within you and is always ready to take you to new heights consider:

  • Are you breathing right now or are you being breathed? We don’t control our breathing. Breathing is done for us by the life force within us.
  • We cannot regulate our heartbeat, or blood flow. This happens to us. This is the life force that leads and sustains us.
  • The cellular activity within you—37.2 trillion cells, constantly growing and updating information. They keep you alive and functioning in unbelievable ways, incredibly minute and overwhelmingly precious!

Modern Day Challenges are Deeper and More Complex

Would you agree that the modern day challenges that you face are deeply rooted and complex? So ideally your solutions, how you lead would come from a place of depth that offers certainty rather than topical or surface techniques, right?

You probably want your decisions and subsequent actions to be based on wisdom and certainty not a veneer, quick fix or guesswork right?

Yes! You already know techniques will only take you so far. It takes a lot of effort to keep the technique going and keep up appearances and the cost is often burnout and exhaustion. In addition, when the stakes are high and pressure is mounting, emotions will override technique every time…..culture over strategy!

The answer is not more training or more technique. Not more but deeper, build a solid foundation to draw on, a foundation that prepares you and replenishes you rather than exhaust you and burn you out.

With this solid foundation you operate from a culture of knowing that technique cannot provide. You have a resolve that is uncommon and you’re always dealing with the truth. Your our own insights, awareness and an uncommon depth of understanding guide you. You are no longer subject to conditions……the whims of the world.


You can take the first step right now to access this life force and perform from an uncommon depth, your deepest most effective leadership. Start listening to the voices in your head. Pay attention to repetitive thought patterns. Notice the tone of your thoughts. You are bringing light to a previously dark area. This is how you can get a sense of your essence, the Essential Self that is the watcher of your thoughts. Be patient. This takes time and effort.

You will discover that there is this voice in your head and then there is YOU, essence, watching and listening to the voice. Don’t judge the voices as good, bad, etc. Just watch without judging, labeling or naming. Watch and observe…feeeeeel what is going on within you.

As you gain more and more access to your essence, you’ll begin to notice a quiet stillness within you. This is Presence. You are developing Presence—the deepest most effective leadership within you.

Recognize there is Presence and there is presence. We will talk more about building Presence in my next post.


Whether you are an entrepreneur beginning a start-up, a corporate executive, a leader, manager or a team member, you can be set free by accessing that life force which is deep in you. Get to know your Essential Self and recognize the subtleties of your thoughts and feelings in daily life. Develop the understanding, insight and awareness into that which is unconditioned in you.

Below are some resources for you to use to give you more information about accessing that which is deep and most powerful within you. Again, you don’t neeeeeeed these resources but they can bring more insight and clarity.

Resources to Help You Go Deeper

Deepest Most Effective Leadership

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Deepest Most Effective Leadership

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