Do YOU Want to Create Impact?

Create ImpactDo YOU Want to Create Impact?

Don’t Follow. LEAD!

As a leader I’m sure you have deep and wide experience with the average, mediocre, status quo….what everyone else is doing. Go beyond mediocre to Create Impact.

You may also have observed that regular begets regular…. no Create Impact Here!

The average leader doesn’t deliver Impact.

  1. Average thinking leads to mediocre performance.
  2. Mediocre performance leads to status quo.
  3. Status quo leadership won’t inspire greatness.

If you are doing what everyone else is doing you will get, well, what everyone else is getting….About 55% of the American workforce is disengaged.  55%!  Status quo is a dead end. You won’t Create Impact from here.

To think different, transcend the mediocre and Create Impact is not an enigma.

Throughout history there have always been “pockets of greatness,” those who dared to think different, read different and BE different—consequently, they did Create Impact.

I suggest we not only admire this greatness but also imitate it with your own version to Create Impact

Two bold leaders who embraced the risk and reward of different are:

Benjamin Franklin saw an abundance of current-day thinking. This was a rut that led to colonization and the resulting scourge of command-control leadership, and communal arguments meant to harness and control men. Franklin wanted to see something different. He knew that a new republic would require new thinking, new energy, new performance, and new leadership that would inspire greatness. But different doesn’t just happen so Franklin became the model of what he wanted to see. He became a catalyst for the new energy and effort our new Republic would need to gain traction and succeed.

Abraham Lincoln actively avoided the status quo that was his assumed heritage. His father expected big, tall, strong Abe to be a farm hand like everybody else. Lincoln purposefully made his life different—he wanted and pursued “different,” it became his pattern. From selecting a team of rivals as his Cabinet to how he handled adversity, dissenters and criticism, Lincoln was continuously admired by the masses, as he stood apart, thought differently and delivered Impact.

The mind is an excellent servant but a terrible master.

Both of these great leaders used their mind rather than allowing their mind to use them. They pursued different thinking with fervor– on a daily basis they aligned their thinking align with where they wanted to be. If you read history, their biographies you’ll see they were up against strong opposition, criticism even name calling (sound familiar?) and the odds were often not in their favor.

Gain control of your habits of thought, your beliefs about what is and what is possible. That’s the constructive zone—and the true meaning of strength.

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