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  • The Pain

    Listen to the mood in your workplace and at home. Uncertainty triggers people to listen for a truth to interpret. What they hear is decoded as dismissive, devaluing, or excluding. Even if it’s an unintended consequence, people feel diminished, disenfranchised, less than human.

    Challenge and change make us all vulnerable to anxiety, tension, and pressure

    Now, look inside. Step back and notice the voice in your head. You probably noted it never stops. Most mental noise is made up of ‘psychic irritants’—worrying, resenting, scheming, anger, frustration, disappointment, and annoyance with rejection. This is the underlying agitation that colors the climate humans create. See it in yourself and then recognize it in others. You can easily see this voice in action when you are angry with someone. Note how many times the inner voice tells that person off before you even see them. Again, this is the foundation we all use to color the climate where we live and work.

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3 Steps to Mindful Management is your key to reengineer the way you respond, connect and meet your team where they are.

3 Steps to Mindful Management is how you transform your management!

Don’t let ‘psychic irritants’ distract you from being your best.

Invest in your Self and deliver results you never thought possible.

3 Steps to Mindful Management