Father’s Day

Father’s DayThis Father’s Day let’s remember to thank the men who show up, make the effort and serve. My father died suddenly when I was fifteen. But I have had several father figures unselfishly help me, guide me, mentor, support and just listen to me.

They were there; they showed up, they cared enough to serve and contribute. Not for any reward or accolade. They were just men helping young men. It gives me rewarding memories.

Each one showed me something different. They all modeled what a father could be, things like:


These men loved their role as men, fathers and husbands. They had experience, wisdom and integrity. I didn’t and they knew it. They shared, modeled the way and gently guided (and protected) me.


They put their father-figure role ahead of personal priorities or gain. These men knew that it’s better to get in the arena and help out than to complain that the kids today are different and unreachable.


These father figures were not perfect but they didn’t have to be and they knew it. They were comfortable in their own skin, no imposter syndrome here. They had ideas how a man should behave and they did so according to their values—from the inside out.

This Father’s Day, who do you have to thank for rewarding memories?

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men—Frederick Douglass

An Update….


My son, John earned Scouting’s highest rank, Eagle. See more here.



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