5 Beginner Strategies to Reinvention

Beginner ReinventionBeginner Reinvention should not be on hold. We often wait–“I’ll start work on reinventing after the Holiday” or, “After the training seminar will be a good time to start planning my 2nd act.” This “putting Self on hold” is tiresome!

The “Building Effect”

Research and experience shows us that we learn by action, not by holding back. Begin right now with a small effort and initiate a “ripple affect.”  Stay with it and observe how keeping commitments builds a new confidence and over time you become more decisive and action-oriented. This building effect expands exponentially as you grow. It feeds your Beginner Reinvention.

Here are 5 Strategies to fuel your Beginner Reinvention

1.   Bank on Yourself.  You are your most valuable asset. Bank on the direct and proportional returns of investing in YOU!  Including an unshakable core, operating from a place of balance, peace, confidence, direction, internal security, and decisiveness—all contributing to your top and bottom line…….priceless! When I reinvented the first few times I wish I had known about paying attention to my “top line.” Things like fulfillment, purpose, creating space, self-care and balance were pushed aside in honor of education, re-education, driving forward, head down to re-enter the workforce.

2.  Be at Choice. Choose to move and develop based on what you value. What lights you up? At your core you create and you are creative, do more creating! It’s a different world now. We can choose to create what we want not settle for what we can get. If you think you don’t have a choice…start here.

3.  Bypass Fear. You know something about yourself no one else knows. Connect with your vision and hold it in your sights, always! Put the fear to work! There is more free, easily accessed information than ever on self-empowerment, strategy and personal growthCarpe Diem!

4.  Use Your Strengths. Your strong suit is what got you this far. Use your strength and discipline to stay in the game, ramp it up and play even bigger. Use what got you here to get you there. Reinvention is an opportunity. Use all of YOU to reinvent and create a contribution beyond Self.

5.  Lean Into Resiliency. Don’t look for guarantees, instead build resiliency. Rather than expecting instant illumination, allow your clarity to unfold over time. The most important component of your reinvention is to start! You don’t need permission; you are your own guru; don’t wait and certainly don’t hold back. There is simplicity and brilliance in the Nike “Do It” slogan.

Doing it is action, which generates insight, and this is where self discovery,  learning and growth occur. How do you know what is possible for you if you do nothing except wait?  
When you start the action will spawn feedback, a baseline and ultimately new direction, vision and new ideas will emerge.

While on the path of Beginner Reinvention you must allow yourself to try things not tried before, things out of your comfort zone. This is what will produce opportunity, growth, contribution and satisfaction. The rock solid confidence that will come from this is waiting for you in the wings, and once you start, it only gets easier.


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