Frame Your Success

Frame Your SuccessHere is how to Frame Your Success!

In my post, Why Your Success Effort Needs a Plan Frames is number two of the five approaches (Inner Focus, Frames, Assumptions, Mindset, and Perspective).

Frame Your Success!

Remember, the key point of any pursuit is success with Self first. 

Without knowledge of yourself, success will elude you. It’s important to note when you become self-aware you don’t discover deep dark secrets of your life, rather you are able to grasp a straightforward and honest understanding of what makes you tick, what (who) pushes your buttons.

Without self-awareness, you become susceptible as a reactor to situations. Conditions control you. The tides of life bounce you around.

Leadership starts with understanding and leading yourself first. This is how you Frame Your Success!


  • You have two options: you control your thoughts or they control you.
  • People with high self-awareness control their thoughts and thus control their success.
  • On your way to deeply knowing yourself consider what frames you default or lean toward.


A frame is a reference, an attitude or suggested approach, an orientation, a focus that we adopt.

In basic terms, a frame is what we tell ourselves about a situation. Similar to a picture frame, the frame influences interpretation of the picture or painting. It “colors” how we see.

The first step is to recognize your frames. Do you default one way or another? Is everything possible or impossible? Do you hear your inner voice say, that’l never work? Beware if your frames create resistance. The path of least resistance is the best path here too.


A reframe is a shift in reference, another attitude, a different, more productive and typically broader view that serves you better.

Examples of Frames

I hate science, I am not going to be successful taking this science course. I’ll get so discouraged.”

What kind of action do you think that frame will spawn? Not very productive on any front…it makes things impossible.

Example of a reframe –Science is hard but if I can get a passing grade in this course, I’ll be on my way building the confidence I need to complete college.

The kind of action the reframe will spawn is productive, what is possible.

Frame from a writer: “I’m beginning to wonder if writing is for me. Maybe my family was right and I should get a regular job.”

Do you think that frame will help or hinder writer’s block?

Reframe: Today I am going to write, not trying to look good, or be perfect or concerned if anyone will like it. I am a writer and today, I am going to write.”

How we frame things is so important, so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition and circumstance in our lives.

Frames are what we tell ourselves about a situation. That situation is impossible, or that’ll never work…those frames immediately bring things to a screeching halt. You mind tells a story of the frame you hold and the rest of you believes it and acts it out.

We have to remain open because we don’t know what will work. No one knows where the treasure is buried!

How to Frame Your Success

Begin by starting small. Recognize frames as habits of thought. Question whether these habits are serving your current interests?

You’ve changed, you’ve evolved, you’ve grown….have your habits of thought changed corresponding with your growth?

The point is to be open enough to see through the frames (or what we think we see)… to see what is possible, what’s emerging that you can help create, raise the bar, and improve things…create success, a better tomorrow out of today.

Examine your frames of thought that may not be a good fit for your new success, where you want to go, who you are becoming.

New habits that will serve you better need to be developed over time.

Habits of thought can be changed. One of the most significant breakthroughs in psychology in the last 30 years is, drumroll………. individuals can choose the way they think!

Of course we know we can choose our thoughts, right?

Don’t leave the one area where you do have complete control as unclaimed territory! Claim the territory of your thoughts

As you begin, replace ill-fitting habits of thought with better thoughts, better habits that reflect your life as a success.

Remember: how we frame things is so important, so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition and circumstance in our lives.

Tips to frame your success

  • Don’t think about what didn’t work, think about what did!
  • Don’t think about weaknesses, think about strengths!
  • Reframing requires daily attention not the occasional view.
  • You have a constant source of ideas, rejuvenation and reframes…look in the mirror!

Next I’ll write about Assumptions, stay tuned.


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