Improvement Is Simple Right?

Get Better
At the prompting of a friend, I attended a “Get Better” Leader Breakfast and Strategy session titled By Failing To Prepare You Are Preparing To Fail. You may know that title as a quote credited to Benjamin Franklin. The breakfast was promoted as a reflection of Franklin, the consummate self-improvement model.

In reality however it was a simple “five quick tips,” fast, temporary relief, high on promises session, far from what Benjamin Franklin did to become (among other things) the most successful diplomat in American history.

Franklin knew that to Get Better, to promote real growth and improvement would not result from simple and trite external behavior modifications. He had witnessed those clichéd attempts fail time and again, thus his quote above.

Franklin didn’t want to Get Better on the surface.  He knew topical skills were veneer. Franklin also knew deep foundational, transformative improvement had substance, was permanent, sustainable and delivered consistent results.

To Get Better Is Simple To Describe

  • Change the way you look at things and things change the way they look.
  • Perspective can change everything.
  • Building internal strength will improve our outer reality.
  • Mindset creates the winning circumstance.

Simple Does Not Mean It’s Easy to Get Better 

Transformative growth & improvement is simple to describe but simple is not the same as easy. Real growth and improvement is not for the meek. Franklin did the hardest of hard work—gaining control over and conquering the primal Self. That was at the foundation of his 13 Virtue self-improvement program.

During his time Franklin had seen average and he instinctively knew that to create something new, a new Country where freedom would prevail, he could not just bring average to the table. He needed new thinking, new strength, new composure and a new presence. His personal transformative growth and improvement would give him the thinking, the strength, composure and presence to transform a country.

Franklin planned for failure, mistakes, the inevitable human weaknesses that would come to the surface during high stakes, high pressure, passionate and emotional meetings and complex negotiations. Franklin planned and prepared to always be close to his best self, his best performance.

Real Life Leadership Is Not Easy. To Get Better is Not Easy

Along the way to growth and improvement every leader makes mistakes including Franklin (and yours truly). We have all said something or done something that if given the chance would take back or do over again, better. Even Donald Trump has regretted some of his comments.

Two Facts

The fact is it’s hard to consistently operate above the line, above the fray and deliver IMPACT. It’s not easy to temper emotions and reframe our thinking in real time especially when stakes are high and passions and opinions run strong.

The other fact is it is possible to take control of your thoughts and emotions. In fact, you can make it likely….. through effort. Just as you stay close to the fire to keep warm, you must always be close to your best thinking and your best practices to deliver your best self.

If You Prepare Yourself You Are Preparing To Win!

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