Hacks for Leaders and Achievers

Hacks for Leaders and Achievers
Hacks for leaders and achievers are not just tricks or shortcut methods that increase productivity and efficiency. They can be key solutions to difficult to understand areas that have no book, manual or operating instructions.

Hacks for Leaders and Achievers 

Can proactively prepare you for challenges and help diminish stressors before they happen. Or they can help you soften the devastation of a setback, reduce an obstacle, clear a log jam….and help you come back!


I always wanted a mentor—someone who understood me, knew what I needed and would guide me perfectly through the shapeless fog of the Internet of ideas on how to become an entrepreneur, live my best life and become bulletproof….not the best in the world but the best for the world.

A mentor would have been nice. But take it from someone who has hired about a dozen coaches and as many marketing “experts.” I learned the most through self discovery.

I don’t regret hiring any of the coaches or marketing experts. I learned from all of them. By listening deeply and closely, distilling the main points and focusing and taking decisive action, I learned more about the skill I needed to harness for rapid movement and growth. I learned through the expertise and strategy they offered.

There is no substitute for your own effort. Coaches, mentors and even formal education offers you a growth environment. Your skill is there, latent ready to emerge. The growth environment serves as the substrate that helps develop your talent. Your focus, commitment and resolve are what give the effort traction and carry the day.

Experience, self-discovery and the corresponding first-hand movement are the best teachers. From here we broaden our repertoire, we expand our inventory…become more valuable. Through focused action we are leading where we want to go and becoming who we are meant to be.

How We Learn and Grow

Formal education is necessary but will only get you so far. Formal education is a pre-planned commodity—sort of like entry-level learning. Everything is laid out in front of you. Follow the courses as offered, listen to your advisors and success is certain.

My friend earned his doctorate at age 26 and he said, everyone thinks I’m smart because of my PhD but actually I just jumped through the right hoops, stepped on the stepping stones….and wha la!

By going a little deeper using astute observation, curiosity and focus, you can get more out of formal education than the commodity offered. The real learning is outside of the degree conferred.

Hacks for Leaders and Achievers Include Self-directed Growth

Self directed growth will make you valuable in the marketplace, irreplaceable to your employer and earn you a fortune as an entrepreneur.

Self-directed growth is more valuable. It’s not a commodity. The value is in the rarity of dovetailing your highly developed self with formal education and experience.

The Necessary Skill

Self directed growth requires more effort. You can’t blindly follow along and rely on an advisor and expect unsurpassed greatness. Power is when You lead. Go deeper, figure things out on your own—who you are, what the material means to you, where you are now and where you want to go. You have to build strength of focus and apply discipline and distraction avoidance. These are HUGE!

The Hacks for Leaders and Achievers

*Know who you are…and where you’re going. Solicited feedback is one thing but people will give you unsolicited advice and feedback and tell you what is wrong with what you are attempting. Know without fail you are blazing your own trail. Feedback from others is their view, their experience. Your experience will differ. It’s yours. Don’t look for external validation. Trust yourself. Believe yourself first!

*Don’t train, be prepared. Training is fine but it serves as your veneer. If you really want to make an impact, work on your core strengths—self-discipline, self-control, character and composure, etc… Leaders cannot pick their crisis, anything can happen and it usually does. Better to be internally prepared than memorize a conflict management model.

*Read extensively. It takes focus and discipline to use books to your utmost advantage. Just Do It! People have gone where you want to go. Master your life through reading and applying what you read. The answer to every question can be found in books. This is where you distill your own Hacks for Leaders and Achievers out of the material. Again, get more out of a commodity through your efforts.


Here’s a 30 Habits, Qualities and Secrets Infographic


*Spend time with the material…If you want to stay warm, stay close to the fire. If you want to deliver your best, invest. Make a habit of spending 10 minutes each day focusing exclusively on your growth….Hacks for Leaders and Achievers.  That small daily investment will compound to three hours of focused self directed growth each month.

*Personal Mastery. Use each day…or the moments within each day to become stronger, more powerful and more resourceful. As you relentlessly improve and grow evaluate and clarify what is the important next step and adjust your efforts to each new level of focus. That is Personal Mastery!

The ultimate hack is YOU!

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