Healing Power of Nature

The Healing Power of Nature.

There is no routine in Nature.

The blades of grass cooling your feet are never the same height twice.

Nature is Growth!

Nature sparks emotion.

Emotions that matter, that heal and transform are difficult to put into words. There are not enough words to describe the beauty and transcendental power of Nature. That’s why poetry was invented….to attempt to put into words what is indescribable.

Words are limiting. Nature is unlimited.

For You

Use the power of Nature to break form the chaos, to reinvigorate, repair, and regain yourself. Then, don’t just return to the chaos  accepting it. Use Nature to expand perspectives and change your disposition….. Reject society’s view of “normal,” ignore mass culture. Shit and go elsewhere…………..Use the power of Nature to come back changed is small nuanced ways–you are slightly different.


Beethoven appreciated Nature. He used the power of Nature to cultivate the kind of self he wanted to embody. His 6th symphony, the Pastoral Symphony is all about Nature, connecting with Nature and feeling the transcendental power of Nature.


Beethoven gradually began losing his hearing to tinnitus in 1801. People projected their ideas on him, how he was finished, how hearing loss would end his career. He rejected their pedestrian views and created his own path.


He completed the Pastoral Symphony (Nature Symphony) in 1808. As this personal crisis developed, he tapped into Nature for inspiration and hope and followed his dreams. No one could understand this.

Healing Power of Nature, enjoy the photos…….I heard it said that a flower can bring instant enlightenment just by looking at it.


Did we forget about or overlook Spring? No of course not. Here it is:

Note: some of these photos were taken with my quality 35 mm camera and some with an iPhone in not so good conditions………

Healing Power of Nature


Spring was trying hard to eek its way in through the barren, grey winter. Eastern bluebirds congregated as they prospected for nest sites around my yard.


Here is the first flower to emerge as the frost melted on these Forget Me Nots…Healing Power of Nature

This is a Gardener’s/Habitat Head’s Up!

Hairy bittercress is a weed that we need to watch for. If left alone, it will disperse thousands of seeds and next year you’ll have the same if not worse problems with it.

Hairy bittercress is a winter annual. Meaning, it prepares all winter to grow very early in Spring. Seeds germinate in cool moist weather and it sits as a basal rosette until Spring.

This native Virginia bluebell flower emerged as nights became warmer..

As we already noted, Spring is a time of growth. It’s a metaphor for your life, you coaching yourself into growth mode.

Never forget the beauty you add.

The common wild violet is easily identified and often called a weed because it proliferates in lawns. I think it adds diversity and beauty to the lawn. The same way we all add beauty and diversity to the world.


A failed house finch nest. They started in earnest to beat the competition and to get as many broods as possible…… I’ve seen them get three broods in one season, that’s 12 young!

This nest was poorly placed and the wind got it.

Acorns germinating

The coaching lesson for us is the root of a tree appears first. The seedling (eventually a tree) must be grounded and anchored before adding a trunk, branches, leaves, substantial mass. Nature ensures that the tree will stand majestically with integrity regardless of conditions, weather, wind, storms……..


How do you ensure your foundation will facilitate your standing straight up with your shoulders back, with integrity and not be pulled off course by the whims, moods and fickleness of life, others?

Healing Power of Nature Healing Power of Nature: Bleeding Hearts for your shade garden!

Four O’clocks germinating. What you see are the cotyledons. They are the embryonic leaf in seed-bearing plants, which are the first to appear from a germinating seed. True leaves will come next.

This is dames rocket, one of my favorite early spring wildflowers. I like it so much, I planted it in my garden……Healing Power of Nature

Huge benefits and surprises await when you pause and look closely…this is dwarf dandelion. A small native version of the large toothed-leaved dandelion. This one is only 2 to 8 inches tall and it hides in corners and close to the ground.

When was the last time you were surprised?

Eastern bluebirds in a box in my  yard, about 6 days old. At 16 days or so they will fledge, meaning out of the box but still dependent on adults. This is exciting to watch.

Here are Eastern Bluebird chicks at two weeks old. Soon they will be out of the nest as fledglings.


Here is a common but less observed spring scene. Mating and perpetuating the species is occurring everywhere but it’s difficult to witness. I’ve seen birds copulating, deer, mule deer, elk, rabbits, even coyotes mating when I worked out West. But seeing turtles mating in the wild?

These two box turtles mating on the side of the road in the rural area where I live in New Jersey is a first. 

More to come….

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