High-Impact Leadership Book

High-Impact Leadership Book

High-Impact Leadership Book

Brian Braudis’ High-Impact Leadership Book

Like you, author and leadership expert Brian Braudis knows it takes action to think different, be different and to make an IMPACT as a leader.

To Be Different, Read Different!

You distinguish yourself by the way you lead yourself, the way you approach difficulties, how you see.

High Impact comes from the only relevant leadership model in the Universe, YOU. You deliver High Impact through your individual humanity, power and presence. The only caveat is you must develop the mastery to deliver High Impact. The same way you stay near the fire to keep warm you must always be close to new thinking and new habits to deliver your best self, your best results. Read Brian’s book and deliver High Impact!

From the Author

Like you, author and leadership expert Brian Braudis has observed the many attempts to describe leadership. Charismatic, magical, competent, or is leadership a situation or a process where leaders play an essential role?
To think different read different.
High Impact Leadership offers a new approach to the BEST leadership model. YOU! Begin now to increase your strength and character, build solid steel confidence….know what to do when you don’t know what to do and go beyond effective. Aim higher and take your leadership into the stratosphere and deliver HIGH IMPACT.

Review High-Impact Leadership Book

“Brian Braudis draws upon his extensive coaching and consulting experience to create a powerful approach for transforming your leadership. As Braudis proves, truly successful leadership creates profit and contributes to the greater social good at the same time. With this understanding not as a goal but as a new foundation, leaders applying the principles of High Impact Leadership will reap tremendous, widespread results!” MarshallGoldsmith is the World’s #1 executive coach and the author of the #1 New YorkTimes bestseller, Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts – Becoming thePerson You Want to Be.

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