How Meditation Can Change Your Life: 40 People’s Story

Meditation Can Change Your LifeMeditation Can Change Your Life…. if you allow it.


This is a brief synopsis of my experience and 40+ others share how meditation can change your life.

When you are open, allowing and inviting, meditation can change your life

As I toiled for a lifetime to be a better human and a better leader, I realized that we will not cure the pervasive problems of our workplace or the world in our current condition. 

Revelation number 1, we have overdeveloped the material aspects of life, the resume-type skills but we are underdeveloped in the deeper areas. Heart, empathy, compassion, kindness and courage—a deep and profound character cannot be picked up in a book or taught in a leadership skills workshop.


Working with managers, leaders and organizations, I saw abundant strategies for career success and skills development and (embarrassingly) few ideas for developing the Soul, a depth of character, inner cohesion that anchors one in the better side of human nature


It is one thing to talk about the decline of the moral fabric of society and quite another thing to do something about it at the level of cause. 


The place of infinite potential is with Self. There is nothing to appeal to externally


What you are is the result of who you were. What you cultivate now will influence who you become


When you add meditation to your life-long learning it connects you with essential human qualities that soften and enlighten from within. 


Knowing how meditation helps is comforting. Discovering for oneself that meditation works is liberating!


Experience is still the best teacher. 


Meditation has a way of touching your Soul, molding your character and making you deeply aware. It helps you understand and gives you insight into the human condition. 


Meditation will not only train you it will transform you! 

This is a brief synopsis of my experience and 40+ others share overwhelming experiences how meditation can change your life 



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