How to Accelerate Your Personal Growth

Accelerate Your Personal GrowthAt a recent online session, I was asked what advice I would give to people who asked how to Accelerate Your Personal Growth 

I recommend that you don’t scan this piece for useful advice and facts but rather read it with a deeper meditative approach–see the pragmatic truth in each phrase. Taste and savor the peace and freedom that can come to you if you commit to the practices herein.

This is to help you know and live in the truth that the sun is always shining…..even if you may not see it.    

Take advantage of everyday occasions to build and develop. Put yourself on a path of continuous improvement.

I am not referring to the banal ‘top ten things the best people do before breakfast.’ I mean a better you, real transformation, from the foundational level—inside out!

There is no one formula for transformational personal growth that would meet the individual needs of everyone but there are patterns that make themselves obvious.

Patterns to accelerate your personal growth

When you look  deeper, you see three prominent patterns emerge. These are characteristics, or generalities that, when adapted to individual circumstances, will serve as a field guide, a framework for transformation.

  1. Maturity. You grow up quickly and see changing your life situation isn’t a good idea, it’s essential.

Alone at a crossroad, you suddenly understand the stark and painful truth.

It’s not your fault that you are over-washed with difficulties, but it is your responsibility to see that you don’t become submerged by them.

Without hesitation, you turn on a light and begin shouldering the burden of improvement. Having matured, you adopt Jordan Peterson’s advice, “respond to the challenge instead of bracing for catastrophe.”

  1. Your world view changes from reactive to creative.

You recognize that due to your childhood or personal history, you may be at risk or at least have some catching up to do.

You can’t afford to harbor anger, rage, resentment, or deceit. Each tiny step you take to be better than you were must be additive. You are critically dependent on the compound interest law of self-improvement.

The clock is ticking, and the only anxiety you feel now is the demand to grow with every encounter.

This intuitive drive points you to life as the ultimate creative act. You stop reacting and begin creating!

Every encounter compels you to create what is additive, develop a better YOU, and continually raise the bar.

  • When rejected, you create indifference
  • If judged and labeled you create compassion
  • When looked down upon with accusing eyes you develop the eyes of an advocate
  1. You recognize that to accelerate your personal growth requires learning that entails more than training, skill, or competency. In The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge calls it Personal Mastery.

To accelerate your personal growth doesn’t mean more information

It’s not about acquiring more information but continually expanding the ability to produce the results you want in life.

It’s a lifelong upward journey applying a growth mindset.

You believe you can get better. Your efforts shows definitive progress, and that encourages more energy and higher levels of commitment and that all leads to increased expertise.

Like learning to ride a bike, you adjust your effort to ever-increasing proficiency.


A word of caution. The word ‘mastery’ may imply dominance over others or your environment, but that is the wrong implication.


A master artist like Van Gogh doesn’t dominate skies or landscapes. Sensing the subject’s message, he conveys its essence outward on to the canvas.

The only dominating that comes out of a Personal Mastery journey is self-dominance.

Those with high levels of Personal Mastery are acutely sensitive to and aware of their need to learn, their blind spots and areas of growth.

Mastery flows out of the masterful person.


He who conquers his own soul is greater than he who taketh a city.”Eisenhower: Soldier and President by Stephen E. Ambrose


If you do your part and everyone else did their part, picked up their share of the burden to improve the world, we would be free of chaos and dilemma and on the road toward progress.

Based not on theory but on experience here are my 45 Life Lessons

  1. Life is the ultimate creative act. Create your life rather than react to life
  2. Fear is useless what is needed is effort.
  3. Work on your roots. Don’t treat problems, cure them!
  4. Do everything with integrity.
  5. Build your character.
  6. Daily investment over the occasional view.
  7. Trust yourself.
  8. The feeling you have, what you alone know about yourself, the image of your destiny, keep it close.
  9. There is no power outside of you.
  10. Bring a spirited effort; energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment to everything you do.
  11. Don’t try find yourself, invest in creating yourself.
  12. We are called to be more than human, and we must trust that we are capable.
  13. Don’t give resentment a home.
  14. A solid, confident core inevitably leads to a solid, productive and meaningful life.
  15. Find your life’s purpose in accepting responsibility.
  16. Work as hard as you possibly can on yourself.
  17. One of the most beautiful things you can do is deeply listen to another human being.
  18. Human connection is vital.
  19. Sleep is underrated.
  20. Speak only the truth
  21. Respect those not present in the conversation.
  22. Negativity will find you. Positivity and growth must be pursued and injected.
  23. Find people you respect and imitate their efforts. Be your version of those you respect.
  24. It’s liberating to discover for yourself what works.
  25. Be a model not a critic.
  26. Lead your life
  27. Be true to the best in you.
  28. Don’t judge, label or accuse.
  29. Make your life a living dialog of goodness.
  30. You can’t hit a target you don’t aim for.
  31. Do everything to elevate humanity and noting to diminish it.
  32. Notice your mood before anyone else does.
  33. Self-management is underrated.
  34. Be an Advocate.
  35. Emotions are overwhelmingly powerful, and you are full of them!
  36. Lack of awareness, insight and understanding stunts your growth.
  37. Create results every day, so you don’t have to live with consequences.
  38. Recognize the easy access to goodness.
  39. Life is not problematic or agitating, you are.
  40. Health and fitness are not found in a doctor’s office.
  41. Writing is under-appreciated as a highly effective self-realization strategy.
  42. Inspire interest, engagement and action wherever you go.
  43. The mind is your servant not the master.
  44. Humanity is much loftier than anyone can imagine.
  45. You can do it. We should do it. We must do it!




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